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  1. No offense intended, but you are complaining about the difficulty of playing three characters simultaneously on the final board on the highest difficulty setting... Try playing it with one character at a time on hard without hardcore toggled?
  2. Nope, he is just logical. He is playing the game within the bounds set by Trendy. I have no sympathy for people who gambled and lost by this either. That would be like having sympathy for people who lost their life savings in Vegas. If you didn't want to lose it, why did you gamble it? I'd (potentially) have more sympathy for some one gambling with their life savings (overall): there are reasons (desperate situations) where I would feel sympathetic to an individual's circumstance that led the gambling. Can't buy mana (bread) with mana (DD 'currency'). It's NOT a gamble though. If yo
  3. But I liked Mirror's Edge...and I beat it in 1 day. True, it was a little challenging in parts, but much-much less so that, say, Super Meat Boy.
  4. Note: I started off single player and normally play alone; but enjoy a good multiplayer game with friends. Why do I play single player? 1) Because it allows me to pause or quit without bothering other people. 2) Because finding a group of players who don't want to afk grind, vacuum up all loot, or demand I host certain maps at certain difficulties is fairly tiresome.
  5. I just hope Trendy actually comes up with content to reward all the players and not just the ones willing to empty their pockets for each spoon-feeding of DLC they come out with. When the was the last piece of free updated content that we received? Trendy has to be one of the best companies at 'rewarding' and taking care of existing customers that I've encountered; second only to Valve in my experience.
  6. This isn't about making another DPS class, rather is there any incentive for not being in overlord mode. I thought the incentive to not be in overlord mode was that you couldn't collect mana in overlord. I am really not sure anymore, prereleae materials pointed to the wide aray of possibilities, Jer himself said something along the lines of the strategic possibilities of 2 pets being very interesting in the interveiw digest and the beta livestream said the damage would be good (70-75% per pet for 140-150% total) What we got was a class that is dominated by minions and overlord mode with d
  7. It would be cool if Trendy finally made an animus for each class. (NOT including the alternate genders of the original four. Or any other alts, just the class itself.) Actually, wouldn't making 'new' animus (and guardians) for the gender swaps be the easiest (from a game balance standpoint): make them statistically the same, keep cross gender comparability, but slap a different model and name on it?
  8. Has anyone tried also using the summoner's minions to augment their build?
  9. Thank you both for taking the time to address my question: it is appreciated!
  10. Wax, I'll say this: DD is one of the best values I've ever gotten for my money. I logged ~200 hours on my initial $15 investment - that's ~$0.13/hour. I think only TF2 beats this in games I've bought (paid $20, played ~700 hours). I can still enjoy the base game, and so can you: ignore the loot/gear grind, ignore NM, play with friends, and take up interesting self challenges or 'silly'/fun play styles (like only using bowling ball turrets on maps without flyers). Edit: Let's not turn this into a jobs discussion: why don't we stay positive and on topic (on DD)? :)
  11. I dont think he is asking for DPS to be on par with the App/Hunt - JUST the pets - not including the damage you would get from the weapon + abilities, you would use an App/huntress over summoner for, well I dunno, HP, Range, Alt Fire, Invisibility, Overcharge, Move Speed, Aesthetics - Why does anyone use any DPS other than the monk? You even played the game to ask such a trolling question poor ****? I also agree with Lord Raven, I do think the intent has not been explained correctly - or the way I see it anyway. I hope (as per my initial sentance) we are talking about PET damage comparison
  12. If you can DPS on par with an Apprentice or Huntress, why would you play them out in the combat phase over the Summoner?
  13. What surprises me most with this issue is the fact that more people don't have this attitude. It just feels like people are intent on stopping the few that want to and expected to be able to play the summoner this way when they could simply stand aside and not use it that way if they dont want to. The summoner being able to do some damage with its pets is not going to destroy the game, it will allow people a bit more freedom. If the Summoner is going to be not-bad at direct DPS, I'd apriciate it if the barbarian was not-bad at tower building.
  14. Of course they sold more than 80 copies, I've been playing since launch, so in the three months alone I would hav-wait, what? What do you mean you don't have to buy a new copy every time you play? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
  15. I don't have a problem giving a few dollars for a dlc I do have a problem with them changing the game to make the dlc needed up to ev I bought every dlc but with the way I feel they handled it I have stopped buying dlcs from them Some one listed off all the buffs and nerfs made since EV came out - there have been 10x as many buffs as nerfs. Also, I don't believe NMHC Survival is a necessary part of the game. Its like the top difficulty in Diablo + hardcore: it's a special challenge for a tiny group of elite players. Further, no one supporting EV is necessary has even made a good faith ef
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