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  1. And you had no splitscreen players either? A lot of people tell me they solo but then I find out they are actually using splitscreen players (usually to get more pets from survival). No split screen. Used forge to swap characters 3 times in the first 2 waves for building... Then used the same solo player for the rest.
  2. It sounds a lot like there were or more heroes leaving. That leads to exactly what is described in this topic. See original post. It said solo already.. but I added bold letters and an edit so everyone knows nobody else was in the game and no players left.
  3. I plan to play some more tonight. I will try to see if I can replicate the issue.
  4. Yesterday I was playing the Halloween map solo NMHC. In the second to last wave I was just sitting there with the map pulled up and about 3/4 of the way through the wave there were about 30-40 mythical items on the ground (blue dots). All of a sudden, 90% of them vanished at the exact same time. I knew that loot vanished when you hit the limit and new stuff drops, but there wasn't that much on the ground, and the most valuable items disappeared. And it was all at once. Is this an intended mechanic? Edit: I started the map alone in private and was the only player the entire game. Didn't h
  5. Looks like a few changes already coming to Palantir 7.39b Guess I'll wait a day to play it again.
  6. Is it just me, or is Palantir Insane really hard? I've got 2300 tower dmg, pretty good auras and even tried some 1200 dmg traps. 2nd wave ogres were not going down! Normally my gear is OP for insane. I had 4 harpoons shooting at 2 ogres standing behind an EV wall standing in gas,proxy/fire and they took out the harpoons, with their poison balls. It was just taking them that long to go down. Is 4m ogre hp normal for solo Insane? Btw: the video indicated you would get the accessory prize for beating it on campaign.
  7. DD Community Poll - Most Entitled Gaming Community Ever? - Most Entitled Humans Ever?
  8. Sorry about that, clarified now. And of course, the Karathiki Competitive Tower Defense map is added as part of the Karathiki Jungle Pack :) -Jer Thanks! You guys rock! Can't wait to play the EV. Looks awesome!
  9. He is going to be a premium DLC, in the Digest they say hes going to cost $3.99, but $2.99 for the first week. As for it being in the patch notes, why shouldn't it be in there? It's a change to the game provided by the patch. Okay, I agree.. but why isn't "(available by purchasable DLC)" in there? As I said, I assumed it would cost money and I figured that was case even as I read the patch notes. However I also know this community and know people will complain on release because it wasn't made 100% clear. Unclear communication is what causes the most outrage on these forums. These are ju
  10. My first thought was why would they put this here and not be clear that it will cost money? Haven't they learned? I can already see the 15 page thread on 3/30 complaining that upcoming paid content is not a "patch". Or maybe it isn't?? I looked through the first few pages of Gen Discussion and this forum and didn't see any official statement on cost of Series EV. I just assumed it will be purchasable like Barbarian. I'll get it either way.. I have my opinions on whether it should/shouldn't cost money but that isn't what this thread is about. It's about it being unclear... and if it does co
  11. Since we're comparing apples to oranges... In other games you can enhance weapons/gear at a cost and often with the chance to lose the enchantment or even break the item. In most of these games, in order to get the highest level gear to the highest level enhancement, costs a lot of time and a lot of money. It isn't rare to see less than 2-5% of the playerbase have a max level item at max level enhancement. Something about DD makes every player feel entitled to the absolute best pieces of equipment in the game just for playing it. I think it is the casual cartoony appearance up front that
  12. If not, my first recommendation would be to implement this strategy. ... Thank you for making my gamepad able to open folders in my own inventory. Now, might I request you add that functionality to browsing player shops as well. :santa: Thank you!
  13. This thread is still active and on the front page?!?! /facepalm What is with these moderators? This isn't a contest. It isn't about right and wrong. This entire thread is off-topic and fruitless. It should be locked or moved. Someone needs to explain to the moderators what a moderator is. Your job is NOT to educate the community on proper communication technique and the art of consideration. Your job is to recognize when a thread is not on topic and steer it back on direction or freaking close it. Unreal.
  14. Someone mentioned that youtube comments are much worse than this and the women on those videos should be able to stomach being abused to that degree, so Trendy moderators/staff should be able to handle blatant forum trolling and abusive behavior. That's the wrong direction entirely, you don't have a contest to set the bar of expectations as low as it can possibly get just because a group of people have learned that you can largely get away with poor behavior online... sadly though, that group is rapidly growing. In theory, I agree with you 100%. In reality.. offensive criticism exists.
  15. Kinda of right... If TE had paid moderators then that would totally fit the bill but we are fellow DD players... I would rather explain to someone how not to post wrong and have a good DD player then close a thread and give a generic answer that tells them nothing. In that case, they will do it again next time... ... and therein lies the problem. You don't understand humans. It doesn't require a PhD in psychology. I'll give you lesson #1 for free. Telling people on the internet they are wrong and threatening them will NEVER correct their behavior. It will likely make it worse and alienate
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