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  1. I'm so disturbed by your own profile pic that I can only ban you...
  2. He's fighting a mighty wyvern. He looks more like the not-out-yet-barbarian to me ;)
  3. Banned because your cat pic is too cute to be true!
  4. Banned because your cat pic is too cute to be true!
  5. No wonder why we started all these Dungeon Defenders quests. You goblins are so hungry you could eat your own body. That's why we have to use all we have, aka, proton beams, archers, serenity auras and many other defenses I stopped using ages ago, to prevent you goblins from eating the whole universe!!!
  6. Honestly Orc walls seem to be the best option for me...Again it does not matter with overkill archers...
  7. No sure squire wins in terms of walls. Difficult to tell with archers though. Rarely there is a mob at the wall....
  8. Bernie! If you are in the US you better have a democrat. The republican leaders are just crazy right now. Cupcakes or donuts?
  9. Banned because you ate your donut and you are blaming me...
  10. Wow! insane. Thx for the info!
  11. Did anybody get a +700ipwr chest yet? I have done the new incursion map like 10 times already and I have not gotten a single +700ipwr chest drop other than the sword. Is this normal?
  12. oh nice tip on the last hit of the combo!! I did not think of that!!
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