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  1. Contact me: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992667902 I'd appreciate it! :D
  2. According to http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?19319-steam-friend-search-down-again.-heres-what-to-do Steam is bugging out again, copy your page url and post here.
  3. I'd love to get some runs, but steam isnt letting me add you, can you add me? Steam ID: Jesterdom Edit: When I searched ManhManh2010 I didn't even get your profile, not sure if steam is buggin out right now.
  4. A reputation system based off of feedback from other players would be amazing. The system would be based off of feedback, positive or negative, from other members of the community and tied to your account. If you see a player has booted people from the last wave of a game many times, no one will want to play with them until they get their rep back to a good standing point. Instead of a rating system, forcing comments would help weed out trolls from the people who give genuine feedback/comments. I.E. - A person has a post saying that all he did was ninja loot the entire game, but has
  5. An ignore feature or a reputation system could be amazing. Tied to ones account maybe, repurtation systems seem to keep a lot of people in check.
  6. You ever host a game? Any time I host one, I always let random people join. But you get absolutely flooded with level 20-ish players who just join up, and if you're in the Tavern, sit there silently not responding to anything you say (This happens ALL THE TIME to me.) and then out of nowhere they'll pipe up "We gonna go?" After about 20 of those guys, you don't feel like typing up another question or explanation. I don't require certain classes, I don't require certain strategies, but I require that you join my INSANE run on your HIGH LEVEL character and RESPOND to me. Failure to do tha
  7. Hey guys! Im currently doing easy foundries survival in hopes of unlocking the giraffe, before I get too far into this map, easy will unlock it for me, right? And on a side note, will this pet scale with easy/hard/etc? doing it on insane giving you better stats?
  8. Im sure Trendy will come out with an answer to this sooner or later Not sure what you expect Trendy to do about it. People are rude and will continue to be forever, but it'd be nice if they could somehow make people pleasent! :ogre:
  9. I enjoy playing with random people, but man are some people rude. Just earlier today I joined a game "250k hard spook run" I was feeling lazy and wanted my skins so I hopped in, about 30 seconds or so after I joined it was a foundries level, after asking about the spook run I was booted. jajajaja
  10. The problem with OP's poll is that it should be "Does the shaking bother you?" :)
  11. Okay thats cool, why not just make your game private ffs? Or give me an explanation "Sorry man, I dont want a 22 huntress here" 'Oh thats cool, let me switch to my decked out -insert x here-' Just ask or say something before kicking people, a simple "Sorry dude, making room for a friend" is better than a straight up boot. /rant
  12. A few friends and I jumped into a medium mode of the event map released today, and honestly it was a bit demanding. Not in the terms of skill, but just time demanding I felt like it took way too long for everything to pass. We eventually got to the point that everything was upgraded to star level, max DU, and we afk'd and did other stuff, one of our guys went and got some food at a fast food joint. After all was said and done and we won, I didn't even get a decent item to make up for the 2 hours we had spent and now I need at least a day from DD :( Does anyone else feel like this map has too
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