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  1. Just a question, but why use 2 systems, Ranked play is dependant on both steam AND Tnet functioning properly, which obviously is less likely than just 1 of them functioning properly. Dawn Of War II suffered from this problem too, If GFWL OR steam failed, gg.
  2. Granted but then your pc went down for a year I Wish that I could find a Godly Pristine helm and boots xD Granted but they have -20% all resistances and -128 all stats, with 1/2 upgrades and the upgrade costs 2billion mana. I wish they made pristine better than leather like the good old days.
  3. Someone failed math as a child. Time to teach. I have a television I want to buy that costs 100 dollars. It is onsale for 90% off. Making it 90 dollars. Its people like you that broke the world's economy. Just so you guys know you will never see or know the real values. they will continue to make stuff up and try to make us happy. In the mean time they will continue to make changes that they don't even understand themselves. Instead of playtesting, why don't they just run hundreds of simulations using different paramaters which will allow them to see what parameters give the desired effect. If the simulations program was clever, you could give it the "answer" you want, and it will try thousands of values for the parameters and tell you which ones are closest to the desired result.
  4. My next red-colored pet of any variety shall be named "Killer Tomato" A red genie,fairy or imp wouldn't do much in the way of killing.
  5. I suspect that the root of the issue is connected to another one in the game design. Like clockwork, about 1/3rd through higher-wave alchemy labs the game slows down to a crawl...and then "boom" the east side spits out a few hundred goblins and everything goes back to normal (and if you look at the map, just before hand there's a single goblin floating inside the spawn node). I suspect what's happening is a run-away pathing routine from stuck monsters is mucking up the works for everything else, and when it gets tasked heavily enough (because there's dozens of them all lumped up in the same spot all trying to find a path out), pathing and collision detections start failing (and this would also explain rogue fireballs and arrows too). What needs to happen is a simple catch all check. If a monster has not moved or attacked within the last 8 seconds, remove it and spawn it again. Because if it hasn't moved or attacked with the past 4-5 seconds it's a virtually certainty that it's stuck and can't and that requires the game automatically kill it off after several MINUTES (all the while it's bogging down the system more and more). This, however it would require many monsters before any noticable difference.
  6. Nah, not since I've seen images.. It looks more feminine than masculine. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Series_EV Both the Barbarian and Series EV player models are already "in-game," as you can see them when you Create a New Character. Someone has "hacked" the game and swapped the Squire for the these two. Also there is some Photos of their Artwork. All I have for the Jester is an image off the wiki, and the Summoner is a line off the same wiki. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Jester http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Summoner Do u think the jester will have some shaco esque abilities?
  7. The Series EV is very "Robot Like," and has a Gun arm, also hinting a new weapons, despite looking like a Huntress/Ranger replacement. You gonna say this is Barret from FFVII?
  8. False. With a strong enough huntress guardian, MM towers will turn into laser-of-doom towers. Case in point: MM with 0.02 second attack speed (Modded gear on open - 900 tower attack rate, high huntress guardian boost) If the attack speed was capped, this wouldn't happen. What if the cap is 0.02? :P and you just reached it.
  9. You don't have to be local to report scams.
  10. Internship is a way to get the Job Experience required to get hired on at companies that require said job experience. Internship is a a way to get a foot in the door of the industry. However some companies use this to get cheap labour with no intention of hiring them at the end of it.
  11. I am also interested in trollin the trolls (troll canibalism) It may have been unclear in what i said, but i am volunteering for this task of exposing the fraudulant.
  12. Cool where does one apply >=] I am also interested in trollin the trolls (troll canibalism)
  13. The community can help us in these endeavors by reporting bad players on that appropriate forum section, and PM us any exploits as well as offer helpful suggestions :) Thank you, Jeremy Grr you posted exactly what i was gonna say like 2s before me :P
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