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  1. Not every stage just the majority of stages. I even get the odd goblin that goes behind my defences which is odd but it is only 1. Sorry but I've really just given up with this game so I can't be bothered to put in effort recreating defences and playing just too screenshot at the right moment with my defences falling. Generally it's the later levels that give me problems because I've completed everything on INSANE apart from the levels that I've experienced this bug with. I've experienced it on the desert campaign crystal shard DLC whatever it's called the main one and I've experienced it on
  2. Even if there are solutions too stop this it is still unenjoyable. How upsetting is it too spend so many minutes playing too finally reach the final wave of a round and find that 3 kobold's have suddenly decided too squeeze through your well placed defences and just attack the crystal? It's not like I have unlimited units and it's difficult too put up a fail safe system on possible area's that it could happen and it's just not fun. I have fully stopped playing until this is fixed and most people are just saying it's a part of the game or that I can't use minions and so on...It's against mo
  3. But this happens too me with my Squire and he actually does make a wall. What is the point in unit collision detection in this game if they can run through walls? I'm sorry but as much as you will bash me about playing with only one hero, I play with only one hero. I don't play hardcore survivals or whatever, I play with my best hero and only him because I wan't one hero, not too switch between loads of heroes for the perfect defence. Maybe if the game was made so I could switch out between a hero with the press of a button much like in Trine and it was designed this way, then maybe. Or pe
  4. place a phys beam infront/behind your minions? I shouldn't have too, unless they're suppose to phase through things? If the game's designed for these enemies to go past all defences and bomb the core then fair enough but why would it be designed like that? What if I haven't bought the Series EV expansion? I shouldn't have too pay for a fix surely?
  5. This has been a problem ever since the game was first released but now I see it even more than ever while playing as Summoner. I've gotten to the last stage of waves, such as the Desert Campaign Map and The Summit before the boss wave and my defences are instantly lost because the Kobold's target the crystals, ignore unit collision of my defences and just run through, blowing up the crystal with 3-6 attacks and there's nothing I can do about it apart from build outside their spawn, which is really inefficient for some levels and completely ruins my designs. I think the Kobold's are even mo
  6. Almost no class is really solo viable at nightmare, not sure why barbarians should be either. Apprentices are the closest, but generally succumb to squishiness and thus don't stay in combat in end-game content, and rely heavily on ensnare auras to mitigate enemy threat. Huntress and monk are essentially impossible to solo in nightmare, with squire somewhere in between. If the timer is your problem, either plan in out ahead of time on a lower difficulty, with the DD tool on cubicleninja, or by starting it up as a survival when possible to test it out. Nightmare is supposed to be hardcore, t
  7. Totally agree.Yeah I completely agree but whenever I've mentioned this before people just stand up and bash me, saying the game is meant for coop, that I'm stupid for playing solo or that I'm just a noob. Even though the games designed in such a way that playing cooperative can be stressful, unrewarding, griefed or just too unpredictable unless you're playing with people you know very well, which we can't all do. The elitists and pro's control this game far too much and if you're not being kicked from games you're not getting much out of it anyway. I think I'm just gonna give up, I gave
  8. Microsoft and Sony only take a portion of the profits and damn it if they don't have a right: They MARKET the game for the devs. If you make an indie game to xbox marketplace, it's seen by millions of players. It's not the gamers job to pay extra because the developer decided to market their game via the xbox marketplace, as well as their DLC. That being said, it may just be Trendy covering their own asses on the cost, but they did say after all 4 parts of the dlc come together and all 4 shards have been collected, plenty of extra content becomes available. To quote one of the devs, "the
  9. Look at the top scores. People DEFEATING the new UMF in 16 minutes. Jesus christ...don't they catch onto things like that when it's blatantly in their faces?
  10. I don't really have a problem with DLC, but the way Trendy is bringing it made me a bit angry. From their posts I understood that, - The expansion would only have a minor fee compared to the full game (since console's didn't allow free content). Instead it's 12€ against a 15€ game. - Nightmare mode would be released free with Part 1 - The barbarian would be included into Part 1 - Part 1 would include 4 maps (not thinking it would be 1 map used 4 times) - New genders would be free - DLC won't give you an advantage over others (halloween, new heroes pack, eternia lost crystal expansion)
  11. You can actually ask steam for a refund if you contact their customer support and write out a detailed enough request and get someone who can comprehend it. No seriously, try it.
  12. what is the difference between casual and hardcore? Well in this game, hardcore means you've exploited the patches over time as they've been released and casual means you didn't exploit them or you've only just got the game.
  13. to the OP Squire only build? Kinda difficult. I'm a console player, and the strategy we used was set on medium difficulty, just learning the map so we could do quick setups on the time restrained insane mode. And this isn't squire only, but we used auras and flame towers (your casual setup) and from their when we realized what the spiders were doing, i place flame traps directly on our flame towers. This not being an option to you, the only squire only theory that comes to mind (you can easily play with this tho, it's DU cheap) is to place your harpoons and bowling balls in a spike bloc
  14. I tried to grab the pet but then I took some spider web to the knee.
  15. Where the **** did i tell you to create bouncers all over the place. Placing em right youd only need 3 or 4. And again, using 1 tower character only is fail. So if your not planning on makin new tower characters, make yourself some friends and dont play solo. EDIT : So i guess bouncers are useless VS spiders, once again, auras/traps win. I like it how you give false information without even testing it to sound like a smart mouth when it doesn't even work and then you just say traps win, good job. The point is I shouldn't have to not be able to play Squire because all my towers and how my
  16. Hey guys, why don't you remind us to use traps, after all my 70 squire is so powerful he's learnt how to place traps now. It's not about reflexes it's more about the sheer amount of spiders and the web system. You slip up once = your dead. If you DON'T HAVE A PERFECT TOWER SETUP that DESTROYS EVERY SPIDER THAT RANDOMLY SPAWNS AROUND THE MAP then they will stack up. How do you stop spiders from stacking up when you're trying to stop the boss killing your towers while she spawns her own spiders shooting web to disable everything and while map spiders are stacking up ready to shoot more web
  17. Mate, before the hundreds of fanboys and lifeless people who sink their lives on their computers, Im going to give you one or two pieces of advice: You would love DD vanilla, that was hell of fun. You didnt NEEDED uber gear fully upped to solo stuff, as long as you could think strategically. Doing insane was a challenge and fun. Earning mana was viable and at a steady pace, and getting good stuf was hardish - but it kept you playing because you wanted that better RNG loot. Trendy has broken DD patch after patch after hotfix. On each of those they increased the time you need to spend farmin
  18. Bouncers get shot from afar and made useless, app towers get ambushed from behind AND webbed. Towers are USELESS against spiders. Again, I stacked 6 MM towers, with at least 2 able to defend any other tower in the group from spiders, and they were still overcome by 2 spiders landing behind the 1 in a corner webbing it, while the other spider beat on another one which now only had 1 tower able to defend it and the one he was attacking and webbing made the one in the corner only had 1 to defend it. Spiders having... 20k hp(?) was able to kill those towers and by the time they died, MORE spider
  19. 53M hp dragon boss. I don't see a problem. I do 1m dps on my apprentice and 500k on my huntress. Not everyone does.
  20. A boss with..what is that 52 million health?
  21. You're not very bright thinkin i was talkin only of auras and traps. The dude i quoted from probably mostly use traps and auras, what about some mage towers / squire poons or bouncers to take care of those spiders ? Theres so much ways to do it, use your brain and try another strat. You're argument was a unsigned quote from somewhere so I replied to it, why don't you start thinking for yourself then instead of posting a useless quote, telling someone to get better then disregarding your own quote. Good job bright one "I'm right because I quoted a guy who uses traps and enjoyed the changes s
  22. Quote from another thread : Stop the QQ. Get better. So your advice is to switch to a huntress or monk DPS class that have traps and aura's because that's "rethinking" as a squire? You're not very bright and considering this game isn't just for hardcore players with the best gear and there is a clear flaw with how the spider web works, i'll QQ all I want until it's fixed. I did rethink my strategies actually, all my towers and everything had to be placed in different positions but the complaint is how having too many spiders and too much web just completely disables your character, no m
  23. Ok, not only is it extremely annoying, frustrating and tiring, it's also half broken. When I saw it at first I thought oh wow, this is really cool and interesting, some new mechanic here this is good. Got to the last waves and just thought...how did this get past the development stage? Ok so the spider web, stacks? You get hit by it you can barely move, you can't attack fast enough to defend yourself and all of your abilities are disabled...you essentially can't do anything. You wait for the web to turn off but you get hit by another spider and another and another and it never goes away
  24. I am grateful, but I'm not so blindly moronic that I just ignore someone else's opinion because it's perfectly valid. They flux between patches far too greatly and it is annoying. I also don't spam pictures either, or put words into people's mouths that they aren't speaking.
  25. To be honest, OP is right. Imagen building the game around something for it to get completely changed? I wouldn't mind so much if so many patches were..applied this! Wait no sorry, changed it...wait changing it again..can't make up our minds..gah! You know what would also be a suprise? When my foot finds its way.... Btw King? You're just a spammer and honestly, if I knew how to report you I would...just constantly trolling/spamming to get your post count up with no contribution.
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