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  1. If that's the case then they are robbing people. Bundle is 1,500: - Ev2 = 450. - Card Slot = 450 Total = 900 So with your logic of it being a typo then the price must be a typo to seeing 600 evaporates itself for no reason. Either-way i submitted a ticket, mods can close/lock this thread.
  2. I have also rebooted the ps4, and the game as well and no dice. PSN: HostileConcepts Proofs: http://imgur.com/a/5Jv6M 
  3. So i bought this on the ps4 and to the right of it, it says the abyss lord comes with it yet the game tells me i don't own it but i can access the eve? I bought the eve bundle due to the fact of the abyss lord coming with it and it didnt lol. What seems to be the issue here?
  4. Items were hacked in DD1 due to poor game security. The fact they stored items client sided and not server sided is why everything was modified and(or) duped. It was so easily done kids with an iq level of 1 and cheat engine could have hacked on DD1 lol. Trading should be added simply to help an economy grow, otherwise what's the purpose of even being forced to play online non stop and be forced into these "community taverns".
  5. You guys just started advertising this last week-ish with the bundle for early access, it's been just about a week or a few days longer if that. You took everyone's money then announce its literally going free within 2 weeks of taking everyone's money. 10/5 = https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/125827/ps4-prealpha-coming-to-european-players-on-wednesday 10/8 = https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/125986/dev-log-43-things-are-getting-spooky This game is not even alpha quality compared to DD1. Come to find out i don't seem to be the only one after reading this game has been in a deplorable alp
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