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  1. Almost everyone goes with a huntress. Piercing shot is just yummy
  2. Installed via steam, verified game installation, yet Get button doesnt work on any of the new characters or maps, nor does the Download Content button on the menu.
  3. Can the graphics be toned down (maybe as an option) on Inferno traps? Having one aint bad, but having three in a cluster makes my eyes hurt in what is essentially a constant nuclear explosion on my screen.
  4. Strange, I've completed survival a few times and I've only once had an DEW attack my defenses once, and that was because a player was hiding behind a wall and it had already jumped. But maybe I've just been lucky. I do agree that the jump is a little to high, but it's nothing a slow aura can't fix. Slow auras do not stop, or even seem to affect, either their sprint or their jump. Only their regular walking speed is affected
  5. Of course, on the other side of the coin, DEW's at 20+ actually make it more like how survival should be. You know, a fight to survive. They are achieve what they were made to do, kill players. Also here is a tip, hold shift when it starting getting to crazy, you can see them running around the map at all times. None should or will sneak up on you then. Well I agree that its a wonderful concept to have mobs whos role it is to be hunter killers and take down players, but they are unbalanced compared to the rest of the mobs in terms of difficulty. Compare them to Orcs or Mages, how do th
  6. At and after wave 20 on survival mode (insane difficulty), DEW warriors go from being a reasonable challenge to being unreasonable and unfun. Their speed and jump allows them to close in and destroy players and towers without allowing for sufficient time to kill them without sustaining significant damage. Pre-firing only works if you can see them coming, which doesnt work if theyre approaching you from behind. Subsequent attacks come in before repairs can be finished, resulting in you and your defenses being whittled down in very quick order. By wave 22 they might as well have wings or a nucle
  7. ah **** well this just fed up the setup i had for lets see... all maps. Another patch, another re-do of all strategies that involved auras, sigh. On release the maps were balanced for specific DU costs. Those costs have been changing and the maps never get rebalanced.
  8. 2.5 GB = size of whole game
  9. Saw a DEW last night heading for me, stop, and then start slashing away at a lightning tower, and kept at it until I killed him to save my tower. At no time during his attack did he stop and turn around to try to kill me.
  10. oooo Thanks for mentioning my set-up. I made a new more effective one though. The general purpose of that set - up is that it helps you deal with Warriors delaying the other mobs so you wont have to deal with both. I use a Crystal Tracker and have around 50+k Piercing and this strategy makes Alch Lab less stressful and as the OP stated you don't have to repair as much :D Could you share a screenshot please?
  11. That is how my folder structure looks. Game crashes immediately when I select that TC and click launch
  12. Hrm, game crashes immediately when I select Attacking Cores and click launch. Any thoughts?
  13. I and several others have noticed that on Alchemical Lab map when doing survival mode on and past wave 18 or abouts enemies have the possibility of teleporting right to your crystal, bypassing any defenses. Both I and another person had at the start of wave 20 some 30-60 seconds in an orc teleport right to the crystal and annihilate it in three hits. No defenses fell, and there was no way for him to squeeze through barriers AND towers blocking all four paths. These enemies simply teleport right to the crystal or they walk/glitch through the wall. Easy fix would probably be to put more hidden s
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