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  1. I understand that DD1 wasn't a perfect game from the get-go, nor would i expect it to be. I imagine that many people came forward with their opinions and feedback to help Trendy shape DD1 what it was when i played it, I don't know if its coming off this way, but i don't expect Trendy to snap their fingers and add several hundred hours of content, fix pets, add onslaught, solve world hunger and take a shot at world peace before dinner. This is just my honest feedback that would make the game perfect for me, and hopefully several others. So if Trendy walks away from this and uses one point that i brought up, i feel that this would be a success. The C1-C7 grind is not sustainable and there is no specific motivation to replay these after you progress, aside from a shard or two. As for grinding, that's what this game is all about; grinding. You are correct, though, it is a matter of opinion. I enjoy min-maxxing and being the best at what i am trying to be the best at, so limiting my options and loot drops in an RPG is counter productive to my particular taste, but that may just be me, i don't speak for everyone. I just know that when i was Mythic raiding in WoW and progressing content, i would pay the 100k gold for a 2 item level upgrade piece of gear, i would run lower content on the 2% chance i would get a titan forged piece of gear out of plain luck, which is why i loved the old weapon/armor system so much. You might get knocked on your butt with excitement when you see a legendary chest at the end then low and behold, its drops a 170 upgrade level perfect weapon for your dps hero. Agreed with the shard dusting, but the reason 99% of games don't allow anything like that is because A: they want you to spend money on shards OR B: they want you to grind it out, play the game more and/or spend money to help progress. I definitely don't think the game is bland, geared towards certain builds, 100%. My main complaint right now is i love the concept of RPG/Tower Defense combination so much and i was a major fan of DD1, impatiently waiting for DD2 for what seemed like a life time-I finally get my hands on the full release, after testing pre-alpha, but i already see the light at the end of the tunnel, ie: me clearing all the content and putting the game down forever. I am yearning for that endless play-ability that made DD1 #1 in my book. Yeah, the console issues threw a wrench in my whole plan. I talked DD2 up to my fiance, a non gamer, for several months. When it finally came out, i couldn't log onto the game for a week and a half upon day of release. After i could log on, i would get kicked from every single game mid-way through, or if i was lucky, at the end when i tried to return to tavern. From that point until this day, i have not been able to successfully work split-screen once and my fiance has given up on the thought of playing together. But that is just me hopeless venting, as i imagine there are bigger fish to fry at the moment and connectivity issues are not something i would blame Trendy for, as i imagine its very difficult to predict the actual traffic of the game and support all of these players. The loot issue would be immediately fixed with at least a display of what ipwr a piece of gear is, so that you know its better. The idea of having dummy toon in order for you to progress is just silly. Not to mention the fact that a seemingly 500 ipwr weapon does half the dps as a 250 ipwr weapon (made up example). Every RPG is going to have a form of powerleveling/loot leeching, it comes with the title. A good step towards ending that, at least for people who don't want to help leechers, is doing what Trendy already did- add ascension level requirements, or better yet, add ipwr requirements like they did in pre-alpha. I don't know what the reasoning was for changing that, but it seemed to function, from what i saw. As for the pay2win subject, i agree with you that the most dastardly form of pay2win is what you described-content that cannot be obtained without cash. However, just because that is the worst form, doesn't mean that its the only form of pay2win. Agreed 100% on the quality of life purchases, such as bag space and hero slots. That to me, is the line on pay2win games, as you don't get any farther ahead in the game, you just potentially save a little time with minor inconveniences. Another point that i didn't bring up is buying heroes-completely pay2win. I don't know about you, but i have been running on empty with defender medals every day and i do all of the dailies/special missions available to me. This is solely from trying to upgrade gear to progress, as the current system is completely flawed. I can't imagine saving up enough defender medals for the dacolich/any other pet, never mind buying heroes for 10,000. So if you buy gold/pets/heroes, that not only grants you access to the cheesemaster (EV2), but it also directly frees up all of your currency to use on upgrades, thereby progressing you further etc. Agreed with WoW boost. The boost is essentially skipping past content to get to the current expansion. It gives you no advantage other than saving time of playing through the older content, as any other player at max level would still one-shot you. WoW has kind of gotten close to pay2win as well, actually. In Legion (last expansion), i started hardcore raiding with the top guild on my server and it became part time job, which is why i eventually quit. We had item level requirements to meet by certain dates and what not, which means you have to do everything you can to get gear or get benched. With legion, came these crazy "bind on equip" world drops that had about a 1% chance to drop, but were basically on par stat-wise with heroic raid gear and you can sell them on the auction house. That was also the expansion WoW realized people were illegally buying gold, so they decided to allow you to buy gold based on market value for $20. That was when WoW became pay2win and about the time i broke free of their hold on me. I digress... Yeah, my stance on pay2win is that its for sleazy smart phone games that want to piss off players and make a quick buck. Whoever the first person was to create a pay2win game forever ruined gaming. I would much rather pay $60 dollars for dungeon defenders than be tempted by game-advancing micro transactions. Cosmetics are a different animal, as some people just want to make their character look amazing and pay an extra $5 to do so. More power to them, but my personal opinion on pay2win/micro transactions other than cosmetic is that its a cancer on gaming. Not that my opinion will change anything on a very popular way to squeeze money out of people, but yeah.. Your first point is fair. I to hope that at least some of the criticism and suggestions on here are taken into consideration. I believe they are and it's obvious several of them very actively read the forums despite the fact that it would probably drive me completely insane after a few days. The min maxing point is about how you want to go about your gear acquisition. I offered someone in my LFG a very large sum just to get the 900 Arcano that dropped for him. I would always pay 100k for a small upgrade (I even ran GDKP back in the day), but that doesn't mean I want heavy RNG in my games. Gold in WoW is trivial to acquire for a veteran player, but even if it wasn't the point is that you can grind it out and have something to show for it at the end of the day. Every single gold is an incremental gain towards your eventual goal of a 930 BoE Belt or whatever. To your other point this is why I don't mind that there are BoE world drops or even that you can sell Mythic EN/NH/ToS BoE's on the AH. In a way it is paying for power and now that you don't even need to use third party channels to purchase WoW gold you can pretty much compare that exactly to what TE has done with DD2. You pay for power, but it's not power that is unattainable by a college kid with a load of free time and 0$ to their name. I'm glad you brought up the hero thing though. I didn't spend any of my medals on upgrades or shard packs (didn't buy a single one even after a week of farming for a Deadly Strikes and the Attack Speed one). I've only purchased the EV2 and Dragolich so far, but I'm also halfway to my next hero (haven't decided on what yet). I've been playing again for about 2 weeks. Prior to that I had not played in 2 years so I didn't have any medals banked when the game was officially released. Just a few heroes at 50 with gear from when Betsy was the most difficult boss. Again, that just means that if I paid money into the game I would effectively have more gold. I did spend some gold towards the end of C7 just to speed up my gear acquisition and I also upgraded a middle legendary medallion so 14k damage in order to make the jump from C6-C7. Otherwise I didn't spend any gold and it certainly would have been easier/faster/more powerful if I had. Overall I'm actually quite happy with the medal system. I think the weekly could maybe be a tad harder and give a bit more medals, but that's really nitpicky. On the whole I think the idea of dailies/weeklies and the 25 per Chaos Trial is perfectly fine (I've been told there is a daily cap on those, but it's apparently extremely high unless you play all day). I certainly like it much better than the shard system since I gain a currency and can works towards a goal rather than being at the mercy of RNG. They could have just said after 15 dailies you get a random new hero, but wait it can also be a duplicate of your current roster. I doubt that would have gone over well, but part of that is also the difference between the value of the shard system compared to the value of a brand new hero. As I said before it's what you are comfortable with on a payment scale. You noted your own grievance with the above WRT WoW. As I grew older I just cared less about what younger me would have viewed as the integrity of the game. Using say Vanilla WoW as more of an example I no longer care if someone doesn't have time to farm reagents and consumables. A lawyer working 80 hours a week would rather pay someone to farm NDB's and Tubers if he could do so and spend what little free time raiding instead of grinding. I also don't feel anymore skilled for having oodles of free time to farm gold simply because I have no children and my wife and I play an excessive amount of video games. The gray area in my previous post is a very important scale for me, but I believe it will be different for each player. Finally, while I agree with your point about a 60$ box game that's probably never going to happen again. The F2P model vastly outweighs the old box pricing both in terms of getting new players interested while also milking your whales much harder than you ever would with just a 60$ entry fee. I just don't blame TE or any company for doing that now because it's either that or no game at all these days. You are entitled of course to your stance, but I think you would find it very hard indeed to find an RPG game that doesn't have these issues now. RPG games will by their very nature require grinding and if the company doesn't offer a solution directly at least some of the playerbase will look for other ways.
  2. I think that's dangerous. Both issues are trying to address the same thing (problem players). Allowing a troll to sell your towers is just asking for bad mannered players to sell everything and get you killed. I think a younger me would have proposed something akin to a reputation system instead which would eventually filter out players who are toxic and force them to pub with each other, but I think the implementation from the dev and player side would be too high a tax. The more elegant solution to the eternal social issue of jerks on the internet is just community building. Keep a large friend list of players you find pleasant and maintain things like the Discord server so like minded players can find one another.
  3. Despite your disclaimer it really doesn't seem like you're fully taking into account that DD1 is an old game that had gone through several iterations. DD2 may feel that way due to the fact that every game company basically does a paid beta for fifty or sixty decades, but officially the game has only been out for less than a month so you're going to need to dial back your expectations a bit. I imagine pets are a work in progress. DD1 pets were not as fleshed out in the beginning as they were towards the end. I agree that the current pet system in DD2 is very minimal and needs to be improved greatly. I also don't think it should be a top priority for them. This sort of ties in to your last point, but personally I prefer less RNG in my games as opposed to more. I don't think grinding for an identical item just because it has +3 extra upgrade levels if compelling gameplay for an endgame Hero/Tower Defense game. So while I'm going to disagree here this is a preference option that I don't think is worth discussing. I do think you also gloss over the C1-C7 grind, but I'll get back to that later. That being said a critique of something related to gear is that the current shard system is awful, but again we may not agree on this because it seems you prefer RNG. Personally I would have preferred a dusting/currency system so we could do something with our useless shards. It's especially a gut punch for budget/F2P players to get a shard for a hero you do not currently own. I don't think the game is as bland as you claim, but I will concede that it's pretty stale and needs quite a bit of balancing. This has been addressed and it seems to be a top priority for them as recently as today at 9 something AM PST. Many games are a constant balancing work in progress and this game is no different. I cannot comment on the console front as I play on PC, but I'm sorry for any issues you might have. While I wish there was cross platform play the truth is that consoles are almost always behind (I'm an avid Payday 2 player as an example) and as a result issues like the split screen and even just the general connectivity problems will tend to plague consoles for longer. If at all possible I'd encourage anyone to play on PC. It's not a solve or a fix or an excuse. Just a piece of advice. The grind to 50 is so short I don't think it's particularly relevant. I also think new players have information overload and delaying stats until you are 50/paragon'd is fine to me. I agree that the Ascension system could use some work though. They don't feel very satisfying to me either. That said DD1 stats weren't particularly interesting either. Early on speed was pretty vital and a very short time into the game you could cap it without issue. DD2 is also slowly attempting to solve the builder/hero DPS issue (Offense/Defense Acensions are a good start, but the Utility tree is questionable in it's current state since it has stats for both). DD1 forced the choice there. Perhaps that was something you preferred, but I for one would prefer the hybrid option. Having a dedicated builder only amounts to more character swapping for min maxers so it only creates a hassle at the high end and hurts low end/casual players. I'm going to address the last point about loot before the F2P issue due to length. Your point about Ipwr progression is one that many players myself included have complained about. I have the same suspicion you do and while I think it's good for the game overall to prevent players from simply leeching a few max level games and having BiS gear I also think they could have done a vastly better job with how they went about it. For one thing Ipwr should be displayed so players don't have to go to great lengths to figure out which gear is considered better. As for the more technical issues I would have definitely preferred if each account had some kind of internal tracker so that a mule character was not necessary. I have no idea how difficult this would be for them to implement, but I'm guessing it would be a pain. Essentially putting the burden of proof on the game to determine if a player should be earning C1 gear vs C4 gear vs C7 gear based on their waves/games completed whereas right now the burden of proof is on the player to have acquired the correct items from each of those waves/games in order to be properly vetted. In addition to that the system is not well explained in-game and many casual players will become frustrated at such a system. There's also the obvious point that the mule character is forced because you have to equip highest Ipwr regardless of actual use whereas in a "normal" game you should simply be equipping whatever you feel is best for your character. From a player perspective it feels awful equipping a green over a legendary simply because the green is 1 Ipwr higher and you want to progress as quickly as possible. For the Pay2Win point. This is a complex subject as each person usually has a difference of opinion here. First of all it's a pretty bad phrase because a lot of folks will confuse/conflate Pay2Win or Pay2Grind or Pay4Power etc. I tend to rank mine in tiers. The highest bar (or lowest bar in terms of morality I guess) are set by games that have exclusive features that can only be purchased via $$$. No amount of in-game grinding/play will allow you to earn these features. Furthermore these features give some kind of significant power increase to a player that is unavailable to other players who do not spend $$$. There are many cash grab games that fit this feature. Take pretty much anything from Perfect World as an example.. For some folks the above is the only type of Pay2Win game. The middle tier is pretty muddy, but a lot of players would call this Pay2Skip or Pay2Grind or whatever. Essentially this tier allows you to skip certain aspects of the game by paying real $$$. The important distinction here is that a player with more time or perhaps even infinite time can acquire the same items or powers that you can. Depending on the game (Neverwinter Online is a good example) the amount of in-game time necessary to acquire even 1$ worth of items might be so great that it's effectively placed in the tier I typed above, but that's where the equation gets really muddy. There's also paying for convenience which I would argue falls into this tier, but probably at a lower level/degree. Very often this involves things like inventory space that are generally one of the ways F2P games cash in with an almost predatory level of bag space for F2P players. I would argue that DD2 is this type of game. As another example the Asian versions of D3 allowed purchasing stash tabs rather than just earning them via achievements like the US versions. In-game this is a minor bonus, but it still helps in both games because it allows you to sort items more efficiently leading to improved game time that you can spend progressing. Paying to skip a certain aspect of a grind is definitely a power increase no matter how you want to slice it so we agree there. What level of skip you are comfortable with is based on personal preference. In WoW I can buy a boost to close to max level right now which would considerably cut down my grind time if I were a brand new player. It means I can start raiding or doing M+ that much sooner which is effectively a power increase. That's a level I'm fine with myself or other players having because it's a far cry from something like buying a Rez Scroll in NWO that allows my group to beat a boss for $$$ that we would otherwise have wiped to). Both are paying for power, it's just the exclusivity of said power that separates the two. I feel I should also mention that there are tiers of games that only sell vanity items. While I don't think anyone would ever accuse those games of being Pay2Win many games often have both vanity/transmog only items in addition to Pay2Grind skips. For example League of Legends makes most of their money off of skins and hero purchases rather than things like Boosts or Runes, but a new player could still buy their way into some power early on if they desired. Personally, I am okay with that level of purchased power gain, but you may not be.
  4. The feedback is greatly appreciated. Is Ipwr going to be visibile again in a future update? I could go on a long rant about the current method of gear progression, but as a band aid it would be nice to have Ipwr visible again so we don't have to check against a spreadsheet everytime we get a new drop with a differing rarity. I went through the entire Chaos grind already, but I'd prefer to avoid that whenever C8 or a new difficulty is released and I think for newer or more casual players the system is horribly complicated/obscured/frustrating.
  5. This could be outdated information, but when I last played she would randomly curse from X possible spots. Certain areas, particularly those not along the main path were ineligible for cursing. That doesn't really help you for Monk defenses other than the AA tower, but App/Squire towers worked quite well there.
  6. Haven't played since pre-wipe so apologies if this is well known information, but I couldn't find anything on the forums or other sites. Is there a wiki or an informative post with hard math/stats information? I don't mean the softcaps on SAS, but the relative values of say Crit/Crit Damage/Defense Speed/Secondaries/etc. Both of the wikis are hilariously out of date and still list Incursion 25+++ as the highest difficulty. If there's nothing out there right now I would still appreciate some simple information from any players who are currently farming in the NM3-4 range.
  7. Not to sound ungrateful for putting in the hours to fix the boots, but is there any ETA on the legacy item rerolls (IE double strength rank 1 boost auras, boost aura bonuses from non-relic slots). Thank you for putting the hotfix through in a timely manner. Hopefully everything goes smoothly on Monday.
  8. I agree. Ephesus and Pamukkale were highlights of the trip. I was stunned overall at how well preserved their ruins are compared to other parts of the world. Well except Troy and the Temple of Artemis. =(
  9. Oh I guess in retrospect I've also traveled to Manila and a number of the smaller islands (Butuan, Tagaytay). It's funny that you tend to leave off places you've lived in as travel destinations. Perspective is a fascinating thing.
  10. I've traveled a bit in my time. Always for pleasure though, never for business. I live in California, but have traveled to about half of the western US, Hawaii and New York. A few parts of Canada (Vancouver, Calgary) and Ensenada in Mexico. Further out I've been to Paris , Florence, Rome, Venice, and Lucerne. Wasn't a huge fan of Paris despite always wanting to visit there when I was a child, but the rest of the locations were great and people in Italy are very friendly despite the crime. Recently I've been to London, Edinburgh, and Dublin. Scotland was by far my favorite, but the trip overall was excellent and I recommend it strongly. My last trip was a tour group (I'm not a fan of tour groups and do not endorse them, but this was a unique case) to Turkey and I had a fairly good time despite some poor traveling arrangements. We drove all over the country, hitting stops such as Istanbul, Ankara, Cannakale, etc. Great country and a pretty favorable exchange rate for the US right now. Also before anyone asks it was completely safe. I'm jealous of you going to Japan though. I wanted to go last year, but the prices were too high to justify the cost. I hope to go in the near future.
  11. I might be missing a piece of information in order to properly answer your question, but my guess is no. Your question is that if you built Towers on Squire Bob and swapped over to Squire Tom would the stats dynamically change since you are on a different character? Most likely not, but truthfully I haven't tested it since I do not have duplicate copies of each character yet. I would be surprised if it functioned that way given the rules of the game and prior interactions. It would also be trivial to test it out (just check your towers before and after you swap).
  12. Assuming you and I have the same definition of snapshot they do not snapshot when built. I.E. if you build towers with X gearset (say for the sake of argument 1k Defense Damage / 1k Defense Speed) and remove gear and drop down to say 500/500 they will dynamically change down. You can test this for yourself in-game by taking an item with more Defense Health and it will update your towers that you have already built with more max HP, but it does not heal them up so you will notice a small amount of damage done. --- That being said if you do not alter your gear/stats in anyway and you simply swap to another character your towers will stay as is, but I don't think that's what you were asking.
  13. 1m #5. Steam Spectear. Let me know if I get outbid.
  14. 60m and 3 high VW's all fully upped. Spectear on Steam.
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