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  1. all what you say is right but this does not excuse releasing unfinished looking dlc. when a companie like you say has not the possiblilities of blizzard then they should think twice what they release. (and im sorry but i could have told you this reactions BEFORE. you must not be a magican to knew coming reactions) and it has nothing to do with community. when i buy something not so good. whatever. and i suits not why i expected then i should be allowed to say that it was ****. you should see it as an improvement. because they say WHAT is ****. They can do it better then next time.
  2. The balance in insane multiplayer games is really bad. This forces people to play alone because its the only way it can be done. alone its much easyier and faster. sad but true.
  3. Make sure you actually give us worldwide search this time. Im pretty sick of getting 5 games at a time(all are low level or retards kicking because i dont do 48646587168746871687186145876413867168718716687654687168743 dps) WHen i play for example insane i kick most of people too. simply because you really need high lvl people to make it work. the balance in this kind of games with more people is still not very good. and becuase of this you think twice about kicking / or even opening games for others. i bet 90% of games are hidden because of this balance :-( most people prefer to play
  4. i would pay much more for a good dlc. i wont pay for a rewarm of already existing stuff. i would pay for example 10 euros for a complete new class or more. idc money really but i WANT something REALLY NEW for it. i would also pay GOOD for new maps. i would pay for example 5 euros for a good really NEW map. but i wont pay 1 cent for a REWARMED map i played already x times. its not the price its what you really get for it. and i must say its not much new and THATS the problem. sorry i think you must be ignorant if you didnt see this reactions coming. you dont need to be a magican t
  5. i tryed 2 games today. both ended in disconnects..
  6. A lot of people have been complaining that it wasn't free I don't see any proof or quote from trendy saying so Stop jumping on bandwagons There are People who already play the "new classes". they have confirmed it several times. Pretty sure they have different base stats. It specifically mentions the Ranger starts with more hitpoints and is slower than the Huntress. OK this changes everything. And makes them unique heroes. /sarcasm off really? /edit the money isnt the problem. its a good game and i would pay more for a good dlc. but then i want some REAL NEW content.
  7. i made some statements to your overwhelming positive fanboy post. im sorry that its cynical for you but its simply the TRUTH ! are you a employee of treny entertainment? you take it so personally?! lol
  8. "Thank you very much for taking your time with patch 7.11. You heard when people weren't happy about frequent & premature patching (even though people were in a hurry and asking for it) and you clearly improved your process." Yeah thank you for this great patch. a lot of people already run away but im sure THIS patch changed everthing. new classes? wow you call the "copy and paste" of existing heros with 2 new skills and another gender new classes? maybe i can get your name it would be interisting what i could sell you. i bet i could sell you all crap and you will be happy with it. t
  9. the existing classes got copied and pasted. the main abilities has changed. the gender has changed. the towers are the same. you pay money for copy and paste work with minimal really new things. understandable that a lot people dont want to buy it. they said also its a free dlc. a lot of lies and misleading informations.
  10. is this like a lottery or how is it working? first time i see "steamgifts".
  11. people who use hacks in what form ever should get banned. and people like you who support such things by buying it should get banned too. to scare the people off using or buying this stuff. in other games you get banned for it. everybody involved in this trades gets banned. THE TRADER AND BUYER TOO ! PS: i hope they have logs and both of you get banned. and lets hope its like a avalanche and x accounts get banned. much easier when you have someone to start investigations like you. haha
  12. when the dlc has really new content ok. it looks like the existing chars onlxy got new main att. skills. i read nothing about new towers?! and the other change is what before was male is now female. *confused* whats really new here? lol
  13. keep this up pls so many disconnects ! i stopped playing because of this. new patch changed nothing ! see you at the next patch......
  14. when you go to steam and right klick on DD then there is settings. the last point. then go to local files and search for repair. the admin rights you have to change yourselfe. when you dont know how then this is not your problem. becaue you have to do it yourselfe. its nothing steam can do or change. try the repair maybe you are lucky and it helps. if not reinstall:-)
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