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  1. I noticed this when playing my squire as well. After switching to the Countess, I also noticed that it's possible to get two hits on the third swing of her combo (only happens when dry humping enemies, and it doesn't seem to proc consistently). Makes burning down Ogres much easier, especially with Call to Arms active.
  2. Well, with the 75% price drop, now I feel like it's worth picking up the hero and warping core DLC. *yoink* >.>
  3. I have to admit, being blindsided by the pay-to-own gender swapped classes is a major let down. If I had known from the get go that I'd have to pay for them, perhaps I'd feel differently. Currently, I don't think I'll be buying the gender swapped classes until they are packaged with some genuinely new characters. Gender swapped classes that are only marginally different don't even come close to warranting a $5 price tag in my opinion.
  4. Then do your planning and preparation in the tavern before you start the level. Then hide your game so that random people don't join during the middle of your game and alter the way you planned things. ...again, the point I'm trying to make is missed. That, or you just don't care to address it. The prep timer when playing an Insane map is detrimental towards teamwork when playing with strangers.
  5. that's called strategy You picked out a single comment out of my entire post, missing the overall point. Point is, when grouped with random people, you may not have enough time to formulate and implement a plan in the time given before a wave starts. And this of course doesn't matter if the people you are grouped with are greedy and uncooperative.
  6. The timer definitely adds some tension, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. At the same time it doesn't feel quite right, due to how tower building functions. This isn't like TD games in Warcraft or Starcraft. There are no static building spots, and getting orientation or positioning slightly off with say, a cannonball tower, can turn what would be a wonderful placement into something you immediately regret. Because of this, I feel players are guided towards preemptive planning of tower placement and general behavior for when an insane mission is actually under way. Likely, all players invo
  7. I have to agree with the OP. Getting level 1-20 gear with nigh worthless stat levels from insane runs, even if it may be from Deeper Well, is outright absurd. There's no bloody consistency. There's got to be a minimum level of quality enforced for loot drops, relative to the difficulty. As it currently stands, acquiring gear outside of the relatively small number of guaranteed drops is a crapshoot (even with guaranteed drops, the stats can still turn out to be trash). This leads to lots, and lots of farming which has the potential to have nothing worthwhile to show for it. This leads to frustr
  8. ....I want that sword. If the 10 million mana the above poster mentioned would suffice for you, I'd like to do business. Steam name's felismenari
  9. Actually that is quite incorrect, I've been able to continue playing the game in a pre-patch state several hours after a patch was released on steam... Only after actually closing STEAM down would it patch the game. I meant that you could tell which version of the game you currently had running. My bad for not specifying.
  10. You can tell by looking at the bottom right of the main menu screen. That's the current version of the game.
  11. My point is that Bouncer Blockade's very function allows it to last longer, and that Slice 'N' Dice is costly, more open to attack, and cannot instant-kill on higher difficulties. It's HP should not be as high as the other two. My point is that they had the right idea. Though, it should ALSO be noted that I made a point to make no claims on how much lower its HP should actually be and whether or not the nerf should have occurred. All I approved of is the idea that it's HP should be the lowest of the three Squire blockades and gave reasons why. I have to agree with you on this point. Pre
  12. I have to admit, it is rather odd that the game is easier overall when playing on your own. I think stellarfirefly has the right idea. While in some situations having additional players is beneficial, for the most part playing alone is far easier.
  13. Just looked at the patch notes again. It does mention blockade health. "* Spike Blockades HP ramp reduced by about 15%, Magic Blockades HP ramp reduced by about 10%". So, it was intended. Makes me sad, I loved the hp boost. Made the DU consumption feel worth it.
  14. I noticed that too. It wasn't mentioned in the patch notes, so I have to wonder if this was intentional or just a misstep during the patch process by Trendy.
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