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  1. I think you're confusing raw quality with gameplay intentions - back in DuDef 1 the melee heroes were not forced to 'stay in place' as they attacked, you could walk in any direction as you swing your weapon at the time - in dungeon defenders 2 this was changed when Root motion was introduced for the Squire and the Monk. Quoting Unreal Engine's documentation - "Put simply, Root Motion is the motion of a character that is based off animation from the root bone of the skeleton." Root motion's primary benefits is what you mentioned - you feel the attack's weight because your character moves in tan
  2. I don't know, maybe someone else can reply to that. I am commenting since I noticed I forgot to answer your subquestion in 2. - you can swap between all heroes in your hero deck during combat phase by clicking their respective F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 key. The heroes being swapped do not share blue mana bars, pet ability cooldowns, or skill cooldowns - so feel free to spam all of your abilities before switching over, I found it to be a lot of fun.
  3. 1. I believe you can press F5 to toggle the abyss lord's splash screen, which has purchase buttons if you want him quickly. 2. I haven't tried it when using a hero that is not in maximum level, but when you have a max leveled hero, the experience they get is split into the ones who are not max leveled in your deck, apologies I don't know more about it. 3. You start getting pet drops once you clear the Wyvern Den campaign mission, just continue doing story quests until you get there. 4. There's an NPC who claims them , you will unlock her as you go through the story quests like the last questio
  4. You only get one daily quest per day. You can stack them up to three if you don't compete them on some days, but you still only get one per day. With that correction, it works out to 220 medals per day. Also, the ingame price for Abyss Lord is 12000 medals, not 10000, so it'll take about 55 days to get him. Completing a monthly quests shaves off almost 10 days. Thank you for the corrections, also sad to hear the amount has been raised since the dev stream =\
  5. Just wanted to drop in here and comment regarding on how long it would take to get him... Disclaimer - I am merely going by data cited from the latest dev stream, and assume all randomized numbers will fall down in their exact average rather than any weighted randomization going around. 10000 Defender Medals for Abyss Lord 5-25 Defender Medals from a single map win (average 15 Defender Medals) 100-250 Defender Medals from daily quests (3 daily quests a day) (average 175 Defender Medals) 1500-2500 Defender Medals from monthly quests (average 2000 Defender Medals) With this data in front of us
  6. I'd like to note out, that unless the new heroes use already existing weapon schemes (e.g. the Abyss Lord using an Apprentice staff) , it would be odd for them to not be able to get any drop from these bosses - moreso if they're available as early as campaign mode, playing a campaign and not being able to get any special boss weapon would surely feel off or rather weird/incomplete , I believe. --Also the art team is most definitely amazing, I'd love to see more weapons from them in general Edit: I'd also note that if they do get anything, the ramparts incursion weapons should also be cons
  7. Hello everyone. On a dev stream, I believe in October 30 2015, it has been revealed to us that Sandboxr , along with Trendy Entertainment, made our beloved Dungeon Defenders 2 Heroes available as 3D printed figures. On that very stream, I immediately rushed to purchase all four heroes, in their largest size, and have been excited to receive them ever since. The figures arrived one by one, in differences of a week from each, most likely due to my destination's customs, but alas, now that all the heroes of Etheria are gathered, I am prompted to display them in their glory! I have composed
  8. Update: apparently this bug report is moot - pets now hatch with affection level 1 instead of 0 , which is where the 5 stat points come from apparently?
  9. Not that I disagree with your statement - it sucks that those unique pet abilities aren't anything grand or as viable as the ones you can get normally - as though its "pay to lose", but the opposite means "pay to win" which is something they're (TrendyEnt) banning themselves from doing. I do wish to state some fun facts thought! G4-T0 actually has a higher stat range via pet ability re-roll than any other pet in the game at lv.1 (where normal / premium pets have 15-50 on a stat reroll, G4-T0 has 20-55) Kakarot's pet ability is a total bummer, doesn't look anything amazing and is weaker than
  10. As the title states, this bug related to G4-T0, and his stat bonuses upon re-rolling the common abilities (hero X/defense X) All other pets in the game - without exception, at level 1 state their stats are to be ranged between 15-50 upon re-rolling - however G4-T0's is actually 20-55. If 5 stat points weren't such a miniscule difference, I'd call it out as pay to win =P
  11. Hello TrendyEnt, In summary, I have just purchased the Humbug Holiday Key Pack with the game closed - and entered the game as one would normally do, only to find instead of the listed... 8 Lockbox Keys (value of 1200 gems) 4 Winter Lockboxes I only received... 4 Lockbox KeysI would also note that in the same time the mail box included ~200k compensation of gold for the 9.2 update on pets reroll costs. I checked everywhere in my inventory - the winter lockboxes are not to be found and no keys are present either. Attempting to re-connect / start a map and leave it did not produce any positi
  12. As someone who has all the premium pets on maximized evolution with their respective unique abilities, its more like "pay to lose" than "pay to win", these abilities have tendency to be buggy and have low damage or utility ratios compared to others I've seen (in particular , the ninja cat's ability does less damage than the way-too-common gato fireworks, has no special effect, and has a horrible projectile pathing , often colliding with ceilings/walls before reaching the target) Regardless - even with 100$ its still random, as probably would dictate, at least. Also to those concerned about p
  13. One thing to note, if it's anything like the Evilwick's vines - the ability doesn't stop enemies who are immune to crowd control - one example I've personally experienced is that despite catching kobolds in vines , they keep walking forward. (the vines are on them, but they act like nothing happened crowd control wise, and still take their damage)
  14. I believe trendy mentioend in a dev stream that it can be done solo - so bringing all of the four at once wouldn't be a requirement - I did not do it however, so if anyone can, give it a shot? =o
  15. Nothing on my end, tried too many things to even care at this point - no matter what mix of opening chests / killing tricks on different heroes / letting subcores fall / using traps / luring bosses with a taunt / walking 4 steps forward and 4 steps back anywhere on either map seemed to do anything visual at all.
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