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  1. i am sorry i should have explained at the end of that wave 30 mobs where left and those where those ogers that i was forced to kill that way because they where all stuck there
  2. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/576703042517275717/2CF9615BA259E27180C4BBCEDC69812178A98BC9/ either fix already the spawning bug, just make them teleport to the start after 20 seconds or something or let us go there to pick it up. AS YOU CAN SEE ITS A HUMONGOUS ISSUE
  3. I mean you spend as much time on them as on the 1700 mobs before?!
  4. Just got this from insane survival spires, it appeared green since i didnt have one before and they are pretty rare from what i can tell
  5. First of with balance i mean that sharken will provide a new challengeto the players and on the other hand wont be completly game breaking. So why cant they never be balanced? Its simple, they will either be strong enough to be able to break through defenses, even if they do it ONCE in 35 waves of over 200k monsters its game over OR they will be so weak that they wont be able to charge through even once and then they are just gonna be a bigger goblin with more HP and no resistences. So this mob can decided your fate in a game based on chance since there will be times where you wont be abl
  6. have to agree completly broken mechanic on new mob all walls are useless, really retarded to do this ruins so much. It mostly killed all tower classes now everybody will just go trap and aura since everything else is useless
  7. oh btw this not considered a "buf" with a range it works on every tower on the map no matter how far away you are?
  8. So i have been running some raining goblins on NM and i like to use my monk for his tower boost, but then i noticed that when i switch from my squire to my monk the bouncer dps goes from 24k to 16k. Am i mising something here? Both got fearies for pets, so what is happening here?
  9. Got like 800+/800+/500+/600+ tower stats on all three. Can someone point me to some good tower builds for nm runs? What are the most efficient maps that i should be running? Also do i also need to get my EV geared for specific runs for her boosts? Thx
  10. This has probably been answered but i cant find it, anyways: When the items and mana in levels dissapears because there is to much, does that go to your mana bank or is it gone forever? Also what how do the items dissapear? Do the worst items dissapear first or is it just what item first spawned?
  11. Huntress repair man is the best right now, she has the highest moving speed and with the faster repairs right now she is great
  12. Yes please remove the mana cap its completly stupid
  13. Yea the mana drain is way way over the line
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