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  1. This is a mighty task and I applaud you for taking it on. Thanks for removing the beams on low quality items. Purge even I have seen drop a number of times on NM3 INC liferoot. not sure if this will help those of you trying to get it but good luck farming! I too spent weeks farming mine. now I have 3. Now to get one that has Defense Power! rather than a stat I don't use on monk. I thought it was funny that someone above mentioned that they are boycotting the game until the hero deck is removed (it won't happen so, I am happy that person is enjoying those other free mmo's) Then later said 'runs NM3'. I thought that it might be hard to run NM3 if one boycotts the game. I look forward to the loot changes. Good luck! I would like to test this out if you are looking for testers. How can I do that?
  2. Has anyone seen ANY cards? When the patch notes say they added them what does that mean exactly?
  3. What kind of golden egg drops on that map? Dragon? Creepy?
  4. Thanks for the quick response I am testing it out now.
  5. Do you happen to know what levels give the rewards? I know that wave 15 is the first one. But What about the next ones? Thanks.
  6. So many of these posts are on point. The OP said it so well, then the comments really hit home with so many issues with this game. I really want to see this game succeed. I truly do. I want that feeling that DD1 gives me still. This post really caught my eye and I keep thinking back on it. This needs to be seen by Trendy. They need to discuss this in a staff meeting.
  7. [[2762,users]] Thanks for the information. It truly is a bummer that Onslaught is not worth much right now. I hope they change it soon.
  8. I came across this post when searching for an answer to this issue. I see this was posted in August, does anyone have an update to this?
  9. Thanks for the response [[121605,users]] Has anyone ran onslaught on NM3? is it worth it for gearing up perhaps?
  10. Hello I am currently running onslaught to level my pet affection levels while also trying to grab some golden eggs just for fun. Does anyone know what rounds drop the golden eggs? 15/20/30 etc.? Also, do you get more if you run on hard, insane or higher? I am currently running on normal, and got one at the end of round 15. Thanks in advance!
  11. I see, so the gear that you need to win nightmare4 maps only drops on nightmare4 maps. I can see the logic in that... No, wait I can't.
  12. I still have yet to try NM4. I would like to but my ipwr level on my builders is only at 588ish. I have a feeling that I will still be doing NM3 when December rolls around. It would be sweet to see higher ipwr gear drop in NM3 to push us to around ipwr 650.
  13. LIGHTNING: during the sneak preview of the event. I noticed a pet that had a horn like a unicorn. When can I have this pet?!?!
  14. no, not as far as I know. Last I heard, they were surprised to see that it was not in the game and that it is currently bugged. And something about the re roll ability item not being in the loot tables or something.
  15. Are you playing on PS4? On the PC, unique weapons drop from her, apprentice stave comes to mind. I mean staff. This is on Nightmare and higher though.
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