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  1. Nope single player. I think it only happens when im playing incursion nightmare 3 liferoot. Also a little on the first map but that is playable. I asked a friend to join me and she got the same lagg. I can believe it laggs when wave starts but than it runs smoot.
  2. Hey Trendy I have 2 issues 1. Im bussy on nightmare 3 liferoot map and it is VERRY laggy in build time. Its hard to play. But when u start the wave all lagg is gone 2. This week i got allot of errors and get kicked out the game. Its not a major problem but it always happen in last wave. Hope u can fix this bc lovvvvve ur game
  3. I found it. It was in my item bag. But needed to open it. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hey I just bought the elementaire chaos uber sphere. But its not in my inventory. Finally had my 60 tokens but no uber. Trendy plz help me out.
  5. It doesnt work like that. U need to find an account with just in front of the ps+ sign a circle with a v mark in it. If u search for example yosp (shuhei yoshida a guy from playstation) u c what i mean.
  6. Hey Trendy do u have an account on the PSN? Bc with the new 3.10 update we can follow devs.
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