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  1. I haven't been playing a lot recently but i did pre-order the eternia crystals DLC and have come back at every new part release. At first the sharkens for aquanos surprised me a little but i actually readjusted my build mid wave and then had no further problems with them(meaning my build was self-sustaining and didn't require me to back it up much), except for the boss wave but i still beat the boss in enough time to save the crystal.
  2. [QUOTE]Added Penny Arcade Characters DLC[/QUOTE] just a thought, is trendy back to not specifying "premium" or "non-premium" DLCs ?
  3. I'd really like to know more about this: * Pets can now have variable growth rates -- when they're born, a new Pet will determine how much it grows as you level it up. Some Pets will never get very large, and others may get quite huge. There's only one way to find out... level them up! I'm not quite sure what this means, and how it varies. i believe it means not all pets will be the same size at the same level. each pet with have it's own size variant probably at random
  4. no huntress or apprentice costumes? :( wheres their love? and seriously the squire costume is a joke. pants? really? couldn't be anything more creative?
  5. Message me on Steam. I'll help you through it. Or just look for my game in the list on Ranked. can u check ur inbox? i sent u a PM idk ur steam name to even find u
  6. You can get 74 within an hour in glitter with like ~400 stats or less np. if ur talking about insane glitter that's kinda my point.. i don't have 400 stats i can only manage glitter hard atm. 71 to 74 is a breeze for all the players with better gear n those 400 stats who can do insane and that's why i don't get why trendy had to make leveling to 74 soo much harder
  7. the whole game has turned into a painful boredom. i can't even level to 72 after 3 days i'm still not even close. this game has started patching to favor the elite players n not the ones that play it just to have fun. u need like 500+ in ur stats to even attempt nightmare mode.. maybe 1000+ who knows. then u have the level cap raise from 70 to 74 again favoring the elitists who probably have really great gear and 1000+ stats who can just go breeze through nightmare in one try and get to level up easy. but for the rest of us we have to spend our time grinding day after day just to get 1 level.
  8. does leveling from 71 to 74 REALLY have to be soo time consuming and just plain tedious? i've been trying to level for 3 days now and im not even 3/4 of the way through 71. my only choice is basically to grind glitterhelm hard mode over and over so yippee another game to add the hours of grinding category. if anyone has any suggestions i'd be open to them. i probably can't do insane glitterhelm that map is just too big to setup all the towers in time for me i've tried it before. and any level i try on insane survival i just get zerg rushed by DEW's on wave 10 and lose my crystal, and nightm
  9. Ranger already has one, one of them will get a new outfit with every eternia DLC. so that answers part of my question but has it ever been discussed if they would get holiday costumes?
  10. title pretty much says it all. why can't the gender swap heros be included to get new costumes from the holiday events? and will they ever get extra costumes? ps: i apologize if this has been asked and/or answered before i've never seen an answer to this question
  11. while i have not seen any trading for real money take place the username of this individual states it a bit obviously if u could look into it http://defendersstore.com/?p=shop&seller=4952
  12. well... at least you're not cartoon-o-phobic was literally just reading about this the other day, lol. lol yes thank goodness i'm not that
  13. They want people to use towers more yet they introduce spider zergs..LOL... yea pretty much. that's part of it i don't understand. DEWs were bad enough now u got these spiders that attack the towers from behind and we have very little dps to stop them then throw in an ogre or 2. i can't even get past wave 3 of the deeper well and it was a stroke of luck i beat wave 2, the ogre fell off the wall and didn't move afterward (kinda looked like a kid in timeout in the corner lol) so i was able to take my time an shoot him in the corner. wave 3 - 2 ogres destroyed every defense i had while i tried
  14. Somewhere in the next patch could hero DPS get just a little less of a debuff then it's currently getting? I think it's slightly overkill. Personally i go from doing 10k damage per shot to 1k. I find it difficult to have to battle spiders and ogres (having about 355k hp, i'm not sure the exact amount) with about 3-4k DPS. And i know the argument will be the mode seems more tower based but to that i say why make a mode where DPS is basically shut out and u can only rely on towers? when did it become a tower only game? Sometimes the towers need a little DPS backup. I'm not complaining but i'm ju
  15. nightmare mode has basically made hero dps useless..
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