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  1. Ty to you two too. =D For some reason it made me chuckle that you were able to use to, too, and two in one sentence haha.
  2. He isn't exceeding the defense limit as the map was made and balanced with MU also. I would assume that any map made after summoner was released was balanced with MU and DU in mind. Maybe on earlier maps it could be construed as cheap or unfair, but again that is more a product of being dlc and the base maps not being made with the summoner in mind. I would really like to see you without vastly over gearing the map, survive any late survival map without auras or buff beams. I do not think we played the same late game if you think you could survive without them. Now about the barbarian. I would much rather see some meaningful changes to how he works instead of removing a feature that added more depth to builds like MU did. To be honest I never played a barbarian with high gear levels. It was much easier to use a monk while progressing as tower and hero boost were overall better than every other class ability. Every map was use monk until you get enough stats, then use only summoners to maximize armor drops. The simple fact is having the summoner be better than a character is not a good enough reason to remove a feature.
  3. I don't get what your guy's problem is with making all chars using DU? Maybe because no one has shown a valid reason to remove MU. What is your problem with having characters use MU?
  4. I also do not think that djinn should be removed. I never really had much of a problem with them except in cases where they were able to despawn towers from behind walls where towers could not hit them. I think the biggest problem for all four of the new enemies was that they were released at separate times. If you were lucky enough to play before the next enemy came out and had enough gear they were for the most part trivial once you changed your build a bit. If I am remembering correctly, I did not find the copters to be difficult because I had the top end gear before they came out. But a new person starting the game after they all were released had a very hard and grindy time ahead of them. I hope that this is mostly fixed if they are with the base game and the maps and difficulty curve is balanced around them. That being said I think that your suggestions for changes are good ones and would make the djinn more forgiving and add a lot to the game. I think having them slowly downgrade towers is a great idea, You could even make it so they downgrade them faster the higher wave you get. I also like the idea of having them provide a shield for enemies instead of simply buffing them. The shield could also give them a big damage increase while making the djinn follow the enemy and having to channel the shield. This could work by having djinn randomly be assigned to either shielding enemies or downgrading towers as the djinn spawn. I also like the suggestion of having certain enemies spawn in different maps. I think that this could allow for a lot more variety for builds since as it is now, it is the same general layout for all maps. I think if they did this they should also increase the difficulty of these mobs, or rather give them bonuses of some kind depending on the combo. Like you said this would make the maps more unique and more thinking involved in planning builds.
  5. That is reason enough. It is unbalanced in every way. Also I can build any map cutting out all but 2 builders. (ev and monk) Anyway please stop making silly assumptions about how well I build. Actually the only problem I've ever run into is not being able to find a full party for CD, and that's just cause so many people quit. Anyway all this aside, it would be better and more fair without MU, and that, is more than enough reason for changing it. I addressed all of those points in my reply did you read them? It seems like you simply glossed over my reply without really reading it. How is it unbalanced? I never made any assumptions on how you build I simply said that end game maps are harder without many classes and not simply without summoner. As you said yourself you don't cut out ev and monk, which says to me they are much more important than minions. You cant just say it would be better and more fair, you need to support that claim with actual reasons. None of the reasons you have given show why it would be better without MU.
  6. Okay anyone here think? I'm suggesting the removal of mu, and you all keep saying: "but hes not op cause he doesn't take du!" Ya I get that, I'M SUGGESTING THEY REMOVE MU THAT SHOULDN'T BE USED AS AN ARGUEMENT AGAINST BUFFING STATS. IF MU WERE REMOVED HE'D NEED A STAT BUFF. You need to calm down, capslock adds nothing to the thread and just makes you come off as a screaming little kid. I understand what you are suggesting but you have not given a quality reason for MU to be removed so your solutions to removing MU are irrelevant. Lets look at the reasons you gave for removing MU shall we. The summoner in DD1 was a bit of an odd character, while he was supposedly a builder his units are the worst towers in the game, and are only useful because they don't take DUs. As a result he can only really assist another builder rather than building himself. Also allowing free units makes it to easy with a summoner early game and to hard without one late game. There are three good ways to handle this that I know of: Now for ease of reading I am going to break this up into the three reasons I think you mean. 1. Worst towers in the game, and only useful because they do not take MU. This is not really a reason for the removal of MU. They might be the worst towers in the game if you think of them in terms of DU, but that is simply because they were balanced around a MU cost and not a DU cost. In terms of over all builds, they are far from the worst towers. Now if MU was removed, then of course the towers would need to be changed, because they would need to be balanced around a completely different cost. I am not really understanding this as a reason for MU removal. 2. Early game is too easy with a summoner. This I feel is more of a product of being added as DLC after the base game. The games original maps and difficulties were balanced around the four main hero's and adding another builder is of course going to make it easier. The ev although maybe not as much, also made the early game easier. Now I am assuming(perhaps incorrectly) that the summoner, like the EV are so integral to the game and the builds in it that they would be playable from the start. Which if that is the case the early game should be balanced around those characters as well and should not make them drastically easier. 3. Late game is too hard without a summoner. I am assuming by late game you mean the harder maps wave 20+ survival. These maps are harder, if not impossible by the removal of any one class. I would challenge you to build without buff beams or auras and see if you get further than without summoner minions. Late game was never really possible with using only one or two builders, you needed most of them to be successful. These reasons do not seem good enough for MU to be removed.
  7. As a stand alone builder the summoner is the worst character. his monsters are not as strong as towers late game. They are mostly single target, and hit less damage. You have to remember they almost completely replaced walls end game so you could have more DU for more auras, traps, and towers. That alone seems pretty powerful. You can't really judge a builder as standalone as you needed most classes for a build to work. I mean good luck with out buff beams, or without auras. A lot of classes had useless towers. Did you use anything but a harpoon from squire for most builds? Or anything but buff beam from ev?
  8. Just watched it, It looks awesome. I don't know how im going to wait till its released... need beta key now lol
  9. I'd much rather NOT have something exclusive, that would be horrible for any new player coming into the game, getting a hero for free or something, maybe, but not anything exclusive, no I think any exclusive item or pet is a bad idea as it discourages people who are new to the series knowing they can never get something. I wouldn't be against a trophy room or some indication of the achievements from the first game. I don't know if it would be feasible but if the game is on steam I think it may be. It is also something that can be attained after game is released because people can go back and get them.
  10. I think a good way if they have item tiers again is to have the ranges for each tier make sense. A trans items min value should never be below a myths max value. It makes no sense to see a higher tier item and it being worse in every way than the item from previous tier.
  11. One of the screenshots actually shows two types of currency in the top left corner. I am assuming there will be one currency for buying the cosmetic and heroes, then another like mana for upgrading items.
  12. The one thing I could see is having a trophy room with your achievements from DD1 but thats not to important. I don't really think it is feasible for them to give you anything for playing first one.
  13. Get to high lvl maps as soon as possible :) I can always go back and play through for the story and sights, but I want to get to the hard things as soon as possible. Hopefully I can convince the people I played DD1 with to come to this one.
  14. I think some of the maps were awesome and would be fine playing them again. Such as palantir and king's game.
  15. As for the part about overpowered builders - unless they have hacked their gear (or bought hacked gear), people with 5k+ stats are in 99 % of the cases very experienced in building maps. Just because a guy with full supreme armor throws in a sloppy Tavern Defense build, doesn't mean he's a bad builder. In most cases, it means he knows exactly how little effort he has to put into the build for it to still work. I agree with this part completely. Back when I was farming aquanos campaign we would use half the DU and no summoner minions haha.
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