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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. I tried several of your ideas. Here are my results: First off I probably should have mentioned that the monk stats were including a pretty good giraffe, so that might be a bit misleading. And I totally forgot about the buffed dmg to active heroes' towers so thanks for that. I tried NM Endless first wave. Switching gear to squire and building with a setup I found on here. Everything went just fine except for the last two enemies (sharken and ogre). I think my dps is just waaaay too low. Worked on getting a genie after that. Was doing Hall of Court on insa
  2. Lame. Ok well here are my stats: lvl 72 Dps huntress - 169 hero dmg, 66% phys. resist lvl 71 aura monk - 207, 230, 223, 209 lvl 70 tower squire - 182, 72, 79, 102 lvl 71 tower app. - 143, 173, 169, 175 I've been running insane glitter but while the mana is good, the items are rarely ever exciting. I've completed insane survival alch labs thru wave 25 and it was OK. Tried mixed mode and only made it to about wave 13. Also tried UMF and I just cant kill the damn ogres. Would love some advice on what to try next.
  3. I have just returned to this game after a rather long hiatus and much has changed (which is a good thing!). However, with all the new content I am finding it hard to find the "right" content that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Is there some kind of stickied post somewhere that goes over in detail a progression of maps/challenges? It just seems like this kind of thing would be readily available on the forums somewhere so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place. Thanks in advance
  4. Just curious if anyone is doing maps on insane survival (mix mode or not) successfully on a map that has wyverns or ogres. I tried Ramparts today for something new and the birds are just out of control. On wave 11 if I wasn't just constantly dealing with the birds my crystal would take hits. I know people do alch labs for this reason, but it would be nice to have the option of doing something different.
  5. Why would you run a marathon when you cant even finish a 5 mile race? Um, because it's easier? lol Maybe not to wave 25 but I can certainly get better loot than I can in mix mode due to there being less warriors. As i already said, I just completed wave 15 with no problem getting pretty good gear whereas i was dying on wave 10 of mix mode.
  6. I was in the exact same boat last night (see my thread titled "DEWs.. seriously?" Couple things I learned: strength drain auras make the DEW do pitiful damage, plus upgrade your armor so you have ~80% phys resist helps a ton. That being said, I still died in wave 10 due to not having enough damage and getting overwhelmed. So I did as the above poster suggested and started a normal survival insane. Currently at wave 16. Was getting some pretty nice upgrades on 15 and already seeing some 40^ items. MUCH easier thus far as well.
  7. Tried again, twice more, with a screenshot of a build someone posted. Both times dying at wave 10. And yes Zephro, if you read earlier in the post I did take the advice and the strength drain was a tremendous help. I also said that I upped all of my gear so that I have over 80% phys resist. None of my gear has a single invested point in any hero stat. The problem is I just get overwhelmed by the DEWs I think due to my weapon. So what should I farm to try to prepare to do Insane mix mode? Just keep trying for a new crystal tracker or something else? Maybe insane survival (non mix)?
  8. OK, so I have tried 3 more times now, each time failing at wave 10. The Strength Drain aura was a huge help. Can easily make it through wave 9 with no crystal damage and really no problems. Then I get to wave 10 and there are literally so many DEWs that I can't do anything except shoot (which means no repairs to auras or traps). Is this just because my weapon isn't good enough to handle them faster? Is my setup bad? Final iteration was 3 light auras, each with an ensnare. One set on forge covering both stairs, other two at back of room. Rest of my units are immo/poison traps (rear has a proxi
  9. No, they can spawn in any wave in mixed mode. And as I said in my post, I was on my hero specced huntress. And to LostSoul, yes I did have a healing aura down and I would die while standing in it. Will try adding in a Strength Drain. Does Enrage aura do anything to them at all? Maybe darkness traps (lol i know but thought maybe?)
  10. Took a break from the game for a bit during 7.10/Thanksgiving. Came back today after seeing what look to be some positive changes in 7.11. Have kept up with the forum posts and saw that the general consensus is the best way to get gear/mana is Insane Survival Mix mode, so I figured I would give that a shot today. I had done survival mode before with some success, although getting DC'd at wave 24 as many others have complained about really turned me off from it. But with the changes I thought I would give it another go. Now, on to the title of my thread. I have been seeing numerous people co
  11. Great info guys, and fast! Thanks for the replies. Think I will pass on it then. It sounds like it is very similar to DD, just not as complex, without levels or items. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Looking for anyone who has played both games. Saw Orcs Must Die on sale on steam this weekend for about 4$. Still enjoying DD but I have ADD when it comes to games and tend to play several at a time. It looks pretty neat. Anyone played both and can compare?
  13. I just don't understand why "an endurance grind is fine" for some players. Do you really get a sense of accomplishment when you finish survival mode, one that isn't "I can't believe I was able to sit here and play for so long"? To me, if it ain't fun, it needs to be fixed. And survival mode ain't fun right now. "More of the same" is not an engaging gameplay element. Dynamic changes, things that make you THINK and REACT will make this mode shine. As is, it is a predictable, EXTREMELY MONOTONOUS sit fest. While a save feature will certainly help, (and I've posted the same thing in other t
  14. This thread makes me lol. A common response to "this mode isn't fun and is WAAAAY too time consuming" is "Well then just don't play that mode. You dont have to get the best items." Such an idiotic response. People aren't understanding so I'm gonna put it in caps: IT'S NOT THE DIFFICULTY OF SURVIVAL MODE THAT IS THE PROBLEM. IT IS THE TIME REQUIREMENT. The buffs to towers that are coming in this next patch are great, but if the time requirement isn't SUBSTANTIALLY shortened, it will still not be acceptable. Now, if a save feature were enabled, so that I wouldn't have to worry about a DC over
  15. Well that wouldn't really be any different than it is now. An update now will cause you to lose your game due to a disconnect. The heart of the issue really is that survival mode needs to be changed so that it doesn't necessitate a saved game. Just because it is called "survival" doesn't mean it should take 12 TIMES as long as a normal level. Either we need a save feature if you want it to take this long, or it needs to be shorter.
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