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  1. So, I've been gone a long time. Left last December, just came back when a friend bought me the DLC combo on the Steam sale. I've had a lot of negative things to say about Trendy's design and balance decisions. Most of those opinions haven't changed. However, I don't have an issue with the current progression. I'm working my way from Insane to Nightmare right now, figuring out where to go and what to do to make it happen. Glittering Caverns Insane Survival Hardcore is dropping me my first Mythic loot. I've done exactly one late-wave Insane Hardcore Alchemy Lab run to get the giraffe. Today i
  2. I'm kinda sad. I missed most of the original easy-to-get Superloot back in the 19 hours or so before it was nerfed out of existance, because I had things to do that day. Now I've missed the Uberloot from UMF the same way, largely because I haven't been able to talk my friend into trying it out until tomorrow. I feel like I gotta turn off auto-updates, and watch these forums like a hawk, and snipe the best 'broken' patch that makes good loot "to easy" to get so I can play catch-up a little.
  3. So, just to clarify one of the points in the OP, defense-focused builds can't really hold their own in the top-end most difficult content? You need to be hero damage to manage? I stepped away for a week to try to let things simmer down and apparently it's a new game again.
  4. Its people like you that give the game a bad rep. You don't need to farm if you find its boring. Go play an mmo. If it wasn't for the hardcore elitists crying for better loot, non of this would have happened. Now trendy are trying to clean up the mess and people are still crying. This was suppose to be a friendly "join a game and have fun". Now its a loot grind fest to most people. The player base is the issue, not Trendy. Can't even join a game now unless you have super gear. Can't please anyone. I loved the game when the 'farming' was insane glitterhelm for GEP 20^s. I didn't w
  5. This exact change was the straw that broke this camel's back. TrendyEnt is clearly developing for an audience that does not include myself or my friends. It's a shame, I was such a promoter of this game too.
  6. Wow. I've been hoping for a reduction in upgrade costs for a long time, as farming mana just to try out new gear is tedious and boring. I come back after a few days consumed by other games, and find that they've done the exact opposite of what I wanted for this game.
  7. Take the focus off Survival, and set it up so a disconnect does not equal a loss. Both of these goals will make the fanbase happier, besides those that don't think someone else should be able to get the same shinies for less time at the computer. @bigminimus: LoL also makes a HELL of a lot more money, and has a TON more micro-transactions tacked on, than Dungeon Defenders.
  8. I support any ideas that move this game away from it's current Survival-centric theme. The devs said Survival was an afterthought tacked-on mode for the fans, let's not continue making it the best place to get gear.
  9. Come on, 3 just for new textures, terrible ones at that? Such a rip-off. Whether it's a good value or not has nothing to do with your original post. You stated that Trendy tricked you into buying them, claiming that the developers advertised them as completely new characters and all you got was gender swaps. This just isn't true.
  10. They released the concept art ahead of time. They told us they would have new abilities with the same towers. You can even see in-game screenshots before buying through the steam store. When did caveat emptor fully give way to 'sellers are evil and should be punished'? Educate yourself about what you are buying, before you buy it.
  11. Posted after the DLC launched Elaborates the problems, but never mentions the issues. No one cares about the pricing, it never was about the pricing. Its the way it was handled and how it is continued to be handled. I haven't been following the forums with my usual obssessiveness, and have no idea who Bubble Berry is or what trollish reputation they have attained. In this instance, they are correct. Trendy has had people lining up to throw money at them since a week after release. If Trendy had announced from the get-go that the alternate genders and four new challenges were going to
  12. Thing is, they probably can't release it on PC first. Microsoft has some bass-ackwards BS about their Arcade where you have to release games and DLC there first, or simultaneous with others, or not release it there at all. This is what forced everyone to wait a year for the game in the first place. Personally, if Microsoft is starting to cause trouble with the expansion, I'll be surprised if we see it this year.
  13. Or better yet, make the best loot come from something else so we can go back to never touching survival again. Survival is a terrible name for the mode, it's not difficult at all and is more of a test of your patience. Rename it to Endurance or something. I agree with most of your post, especially this. I've actually gone back to checking out Starcraft 2 for good TDs. I probably won't be into this game again until it loses it's "survival" mode focus.
  14. It's kind of killed the game for me ATM. I didn't like Survival to begin with. Now it's the only thing worth doing if I'm farming gear, which is about 50% the reason I play a game with D2 style loot. Since 7.11, I can't stay connected long enough to do Survival, even though I've gone days without disconnects in prior patches. There really needs to be a fix for this. My ability to play this game single-player should not rely on uptime with multiple networks when they are this unstable.
  15. My 'rage of the day' is the suddenly unstable connection. After being able to go days (literally, one survival attempt started on a Wednesday and finished on a Saturday) at a time without a disconnect, I'm no longer able to play for more than a couple hours without a disconnect. As the only gear worth going after is late-wave Survival, I basically can't play anymore.
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