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  1. Pshhhhh a wizard wouldn't even have the strength to pick a gun up... hahah lol!!!
  2. I basicly made a forum for dungeon defenders. Basicly you can request your own "Clan forum" to talk about stuff regarding your own clan/guild events etc etc. Looking for groups, recruit new people, looking for clan. And already placed for the future to challange other clans when the PvP( dungeon raid) is available. No one was interested and i changed my forum. I will wait when the PC version is released and fix it again. Maybe if someone wants to help as admin I might do it tomorrow. But yeah we'll see
  3. Atleast i hope for some info ... even if its information that they still don't know anything yet.. we'll see.
  4. yeah i know i have been saying it in november as well when the game got delayed.. but after 1.5 months I am really wondering now for something new. I will even be happy if a dev can confirm that they dont know it either. But the last time a dev confirmed not knowing the exact date was 1.5 months ago and ever since i haven't hear any news about the PC.
  5. Hey guys, I already post my question in the ask a question maybe get an answer thread. When we get an officiale release date or when will the pc demo be released. So far no answer. People have been asking the same question but they get the all known answer "mid januari".. but instead of a mid januari i would like to hear something new. I have been lurking around the forums everyday since i registered here. Its been quiet a while that I/we heard anything about the pc version. So dear dev's. Please give something. Throw me a freaking bone :p!
  6. Hey guys... I have been lurking around time by time. I see alot of improvements and want to congrats trendy with theyre android/iphone version launch. Just curious if there is any update info about the PC version. Is there anytime soon an official release date for the game and the demo instead of "Mid Januari"? Seeing people playing on the phone version makes me crave for the pc version !:p
  7. Dislike due to that being a horrible way to do it... Also, people will always find the best way to level or find items, its in the nature of the game =] yeah i agree with finally !
  8. To bad i dont have an iphone and such. Goodluck for the people who entered the contest
  9. Atlast !!1 the huntress vid. Looks pretty good ! And i like the fairy pet !
  10. You make the Assumption that we are average... But I know for a fact most of us are a little bit special... *looks at pawn >__>* LOL!!!!! i seriously laughed at this one
  11. lol i knew it was a tease or something , because the real video would be posted in the announcement section !:P
  12. Thank you trendy. Happy thanksgivingday everyone.
  13. The devs they are releasing it mid-december so yeah that should come pretty close i think. Around 2.5 weeks i would geuss , maybe a dev can confirm the exact release date for it?
  14. By the way anyone played here shadowbane before? IMO best MMORPG ever but to bad its death now.
  15. Since its my first post here... Ahoy da mates :) Sjesus this guy looks different.
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