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  1. So today i was playing and i found a guy that had 99 hours in DD and had level 83 and armor with 3000-35000 worth each armor stats, he said over the chat he used a program im not going to mention, i even have the chat log and screenshots of the armor and weapon, and i say im dissapointed the game doesnt detect hacks at all, the thing is that i was on ranked, if it was in open i wouldnt care about it, open is more like a sandbox for testing things They are not using any automatic system to find hackers, because any kind of such system can fail, and you don't want to have it ban innocent peopl
  2. So far, I've loved it, though I think the biggest issue I've had is that in overlord mode, the screen scrolls too slowly. Doing runs in glitterhelm, I'd start scrolling to another spot to plop down an ogre to supplement some harpoons, started scrolling literally at the start of the round, and the round ended before my camera made it up there. I'm not talking the first round or anything either. If the suggestion others have put forward about using the map to snap to areas was viable, that would be a good solution. Or even just a button to hold down to scroll faster, at least. Agreed. Faster S
  3. They stated in another thread that you cannot do ANY hero, pet, or tower damage until the final wave. Non-damaging walls, traps, and auras can be used. Anything that does damage must be a summoned mob. Oh, so you CAN protect the crystal with EV walls and spam slow and drain auras all over the place? Yay xD
  4. One wish that I have: Allow summoner to collect mana when in Phase Shift/Phase Shift Overlord mode. I hate switching out of it, having to move around, when the summoner is all about acting from above. That way, you could position yourself in a spot where Mana will drop, and had a stable source of Mana to repair and upgrade. This obviously would be a huge buff, but I had another idea for multiplayer: As soon as another player is in the game, make the Summoner unable to collect mana in Overlord and Phase Shift mode (maybe still allow him to collect mana in Phase Shift mode, because he has to
  5. You should definitely get the Summoner, as that is the most different from the standard classes. The next hero depends on your preferences: If you want another towering char with really cool towers, get the Series EV, but if you are interested in a pure dps melee powerhouse, the Barbarian should be the next thing you get after the Summoner. The problem is, as a waller class, nothing beats the Series EV, but it has reduced damage compared to Mages and Hunters (with the same weapons), so it wouldn't be a good DPS class. The Barbarian has good DPS output, but it doesn't have any towers. Tough c
  6. I think they said it'll come at the same time as the fourth Eternia Shards DLC.
  7. Mages aren't immune inside the circles, and Wyvern aren't either.
  8. Can we download the soundtrack anywhere? It's soo awesome xD
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