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  1. When I first logged today I had 3 daily quests to be done 2 "Kill X Mobs with Auras" and 1 "Finish liferoot incursion". I created the liferoot map, put my auras and started playing, but after 2 minutes in the map, all my 3 Quests were gone! Around 20 Wyvern Points gone! This is not the first time it happens, 4 days ago I had 2 quests and they also disappeared. We've been experiencing problems with the montly quest for a time now, but now I also have problems with my daily quests ? Seriously ? Anyone else with the same problem ?
  2. and I also lost my daily quests ... more 10 - 20 tokens lost =(
  3. I agree to the new sphere system, but if you want to take my spheres, give back my gold!
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