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  1. So , how many of you are going to buy it again with all the DLCs. I've purchased the game for myself, my girlfriend, several friends from online, however I will not be purchasing it again. I will play single player once in a while, but removing my ability to play with my girlfriend right next to me due to this, really just sucks. Which is why I would like(if possible) for trendy to at least toss a message for players when they enter open that it is VAC protected and using anything except for a few unofficial approved 3rd party apps can get you VAC banned.
  2. Cheat trainer or Hack != Modification. That's all there is to it. There's no ifs ands or buts about it. You don't need to hack to mod a game. Hacking and modding are NOT the same thing. For open play, you can generate any kind of equipment you want through the DDDK, you can get all the mana and EXP you from custom maps, there is no reason whatsoever to use any cheat trainer or program hack, period. I'm finding it difficult to understand the difference between that argument and the one about using a keyboard for macros and the AHK program?
  3. I don't think they will do that, because trainers are not mods. "Mods" refers to custom content created for a game, and only that. They shouldn't have to change it to say "..including support for mods, but not cheat trainers!" The only reason you could cheat on D2 open was because it was not policed- Blizzard still doesn't want people hacking (and they still try to use legal means to shut down trainers and hacks), they just don't devote any time to stopping it. VAC is automatic and thus doesn't require any staff time. Not to nitpick(seriously trying to help my understanding for future refe
  4. see i thought Open was LITTERLY open like Diablo 2 Open was... :/ bit strange they have ranked AND open servers then... whats the point in open if not to test mods and gear? i always use ranked anyway so no problems, but... its a bit pointless and considering i and most people i know thought open was for that reason... there needs to be something there saying open is STILL vac secure sorry to hear that man, that blows... :( Thanks, yeah I had the same mentality, I thought open was the same as diablo 2, everything would be client side and no interaction with the servers of valve or trendy m
  5. Ah, I didnt know there were blacklisted programs. Could you send me in the right direction to this list so I can prevent myself from being banned from other games ive purchased?
  6. About 2-3 months ago I began playing on trendynet servers after playing on open since the games' retail release. I have modded mana, characters stats on open, but never on the actual servers, recently I transferred my trendynet characters to open and began testing items out etc... I received a VAC ban and was curious as to why this was placed on my account, I requested a non-copy and paste response and this is what the response was. "Hello *****, Lan mode does not use VAC however Open is VAC secured. I understand your frustration in this matter; however, our system has confirmed
  7. Ah k, didnt know there was such a thing as a sword apprentice weapon heh, thanks!
  8. Im going to go with no. As far as im aware swords dont have additional projectiles or charge up ability.
  9. I completely agree, it seems backwards, the fact that in order to get to wave 25 survival you need the gear from it. I do have a theory though and please hear me out. What if the filler gear is waiting for us in the following 3 shards releases? Maybe the nightmare version(non-survival) from those maps will drop the gear range needed for wave 25+ survival misty? Again just theories!
  10. On open ive seen the gear dropped from wave 25+, armor(not just weapons) can have over 550 in a certain stat when initially dropped, the 360 cap is only applied when we as players upgrade the item. The armor bonus works as well, so 550+30% =715 . He would only need 1 armor in that range to equal over 3000. Also im not saying one way or the other about his gear being legit. I'm just saying its plausible.
  11. Here's that screenshot - new record +458 in a single tower stat. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sutar/screenshot/596960836456994047
  12. Yes, that stat is while it was still lying on the ground, ill grab a screenshot when I get home from work.
  13. I wanted to state that as far as armor stats go, ive had armor with over 400 in a single stat and over 300 in another drop, of course usually there's 1-2 negative stats. But cap is definitely not 340
  14. If at all possible, could you please allow an upgrade all mana button to allow us to use all allowable mana to upgrade an item past 1 level at a time. That would be the most wanted change from me. Thanks :)
  15. ya your running with 600 higher attack...and i thought i had pretty good gear ROFL...though i've noticed your HP are significantly less than mine. Does the male hunter hit harder than the female? other than that nice gear!...maybe i'll start dropping a touch of HP for more hero attack but i am having trouble staying alive as it is heh... That hp is in normal mode not nightmare, nightmare its about 19k. But as long as towers are setup right staying alive shouldnt be hard with the dps output Also having aura tower spec monk helps for DEW.
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