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  1. No, I lost my mana when I changed my hero, I didn't upgrade my pet the way I wanted to change it. I checked with friends playing this game, they said that this bug was before, but it was fixed. Maybe I was lucky to stumble upon the bug twice.
  2. Hi, can somebody explain to me why I'm losing all my mana? In 2 days I have already lost about 900 million (not so much but not pleasant). I just changed the character in the tavern to wear a pet and I write that mana 0, also passing the map and going out into the tavern, I found that mana is not again. Maybe someone knows the reason why my mana is missing? I will immediately answer the question I have not reached the maximum mana.
  3. Must be you kidding, it's not convenient on the FULLHD monitors,about 4k I'm silent at all. I have to look down at the timer then go upstairs for confirmation, and the button of the tavern overlaps with the chat, why there buttons in fact in the middle were better. You can just add to the menu button with a change of interface or make it possible to change the location of its parts. I apologize for bad english
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