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  1. Past 4k hero boost, each 500 adds 10% more into the boost. Are you certain about this? I just did some testing the other day with various boost amounts. Had a 2.5k boost monk boost and a barb did a single hawk on a dummy and got about 615dps. Then did it again with a 4k boost monk, and the barb only hit for 17m more dps (632m). That's 1,500 points for a hell of a lot less than 10%, and the difference in points were all under 4k, not above...
  2. It's already been determined that the set is almost guaranteed hacked, I said so in the OP. That isn't the question. It's still "game possible", which is what the thread is truly about -- would you trade for it? Hell no. Being 'game possible' doesn't justify wearing hacked gear. Besides, even if it is game possible, can't trendy still find out if the gear has been hacked?
  3. well lets see # of possible upgrades are all within like 8 upgrades of each other... Each tower stat on each piece is within 8 stat points of each other... other than that last piece which is only slighty more off. the number of upgrades currently on each one is super close to each other... So we're saying this guy found nearly EXACT replicated tower pieces of the same set? NOPE THIS ^ Spot on.
  4. In the next one can you show the results of how many people want a new tavern?
  5. So based on the feedback, it sounds like people are saying I should just make a dps summoner? Am I hearing that right? LOL
  6. it would actually be easier for you to create the DPS summoner than it would to find that tile every run, for the record last one I did was the first time I'd hit that in months, and we got it before the DU tile.. lol I agree with this statement, you could have a new summoner to 78 in a few KG NMHC campaign runs and equip him with spare trans from your surv runs. That's what I did, now he's my upgrade bot with genie + monkey for longer range mana gathering. Fill up, go overlord to upgrade/heal, pop out and repeat. You don't even have to move once you've got the DU upgrade, which does get rat
  7. Nope, I get the DU tile and then up it all with my dps summoner(Seahorse and Genie) in 3 to 4 waves unless I get the upgrade while I'm trying to get the DU. This is the strategy I'd like to use; no argument, it's definitely faster and more reliable. Unfortunately, no dps summoner yet... I believe the strat i outlined above makes a viable alternative for those in a similar situation to myself.
  8. When upgrading in Kings Game, because I use a tower spec summoner with no resists and low HP, most of the time if I un-phase, I die. This makes upgrading a VERY slow process, as I play by myself (what can I say, I want all the loot for myself :P) I imagine the best way to do KG survival is to swap to a DPS summoner with genie and monkey, so you can upgrade the **** out of everything while not worrying about dying or lack of mana. But I don't have one, and I'm not sure many other people have one either, so that left me thinking about other strategies, and I think the 3 star tile, as rare as
  9. It doesnt work I am pretty sure of it. RE: activating tiles with phase shift... It does work, quite well actually. I don't have a summoner with any sort of dps gear or genie or monkey, so on my Kings Game survival runs I stay in phase shift 100% of the time, and if it looks like I'm gonna need mana for any reason I start running around grabbing tiles rather than coming out of phase and getting one shotted.
  10. ... meanwhile, in my Tavern in MY view it looked like he was just chilling on top of my trophies :) also: Bling Bling!
  11. Map seems to have FPS issues. All maps run fantastic on my computer (GTX 670 FTW), except this map is noticeably choppy. Other than that, it's fun. Have done it a few times on NMHC with my brother. Not nearly as challenging as silent night IMO (although I'm sure many will disagree). Personally I love the fact that it requires ranged DPS; it's a nice change of pace. I love telling barbs when we do a pub group 'sorry, you are not needed'. :D
  12. C'mon guys, someone had to. LOL. Sorry Articuno, sounds like a very ****ty situation. :( I just skimmed all the pages just now, but it sounds like you got all your stuff back? Or are you missing event items?
  13. A new tavern would be awesome. The current one was designed to use as basically a small lobby to hold up to 4 people back in it's mobile days. We use it for so much more than that now. It would be great to see some effort in this. And please don't leave the rose pedals on my tavern floor for months. Hey, I have a bold idea. Instead of taking time interviewing the various staff for us, maybe you could use that time for just a couple weeks and implement this awesome Tavern Nexus created?
  14. How do I use this Hat? o.O Step 1. Put on head Step 2. Enjoy
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