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  1. I've locked a fairy that's: 12dmg / 5spd / 25^ Is this good for a fairy? I've been waiting for a decent one to show up that's worthy of upgrading. I hate upgrading stuff only to replace it later. What kind of stats have you guys seen on fairies for top end?
  2. Still seeking info...any help is appreciated.
  3. Basically, I'm looking for some definitive info on pets. Much of the info I gleam through Google is from the mobile version back in March. Genies: How applicable are they outside of letting Huntress spam piercing shot? When are these nice to use and for what? Fairies: Are these only good for Monster Fest? Specifically...Solo Squire Monster Fest... What are good stats for these? People on mobile back in March were saying to look out for fairies that are 130+....well I've yet to find any above 25. Guardians: What good are these, I mean really? Do they only buff one tower that y
  4. Selling multiple Blasticus weapons @ 1.5mil to 2mil each. Screenshots can be seen on my steam library @ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016807212/screenshots/ Sizes are my personal estimate. Large is obvious...small & medium are general guidelines in size. #1: Sold @ 2mil. Thank you! #2: 60dmg / 8spd / 82clip / 6reload / 21levels Large size @ 1.5mil #3: 57dmg / 7spd / 63clip / 6reload / 26levels Small size @ 2mil #4: 52dmg / 9spd / 59clip / 7reload / 23levels Medium size @ 2mil #5: 53dmg / 7spd / 47clip / 5reload / 25levels Small size @ 2mil #6: 52dmg / 7spd
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned before (I'm new) nor if it is a confirmed problem. The issue I noticed was that your character will vacuum up gems and seemingly lose some of their value if he's near personal mana capacity. Example: My Huntress is at 575 / 580 capacity. She'll indiscriminately accept a Gem worth 10 or 50 or higher even though I can only accept 5 more. What I'm not sure about is if the excess is silently deposited into your bank, or if it's lost out on. Over time, this does add up, and I'm not farming for my health :P. Just FYI if applicable, else disregard.
  6. Posting these up for sale. Seemed a shame to just vendor them, so I'm selling them at a reduced amount in case anyone has been searching. Above: Guardian #1 @ 100k Above: Guardian #2 @ 100k Post here or Steam ID: Monstersuv. Thanks!
  7. I am looking to sell for 3mil at the lowest. Well, that ended that fast. Too much for my interests, GL selling bro.
  8. how much would u like for it Fiori? give me a range so i can get the mana rdy Yes, this. I sent you a PM asking the same. I'm focusing on my huntress now, and I want this.
  9. I see. Selling for a mediocre price then. How much would you like?
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