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  1. Just a high DPS huntress can do this, even solo.. It's hard to start with, Once you manage it once you'll see how easy it really is :) Just run around killing mobs, ignore the ogres, you'll kill those accidently, more mobs you get down the more that will spawn. Only ogres you need to focus really are on the last wave at the end. Oh and most importantly! Get yourself an upgraded fairy pet..walk in the park ;)
  2. Most the pets you can aquire from the shop just as you do the rest of the achievements anyway. Some things speed up the whole process - like setting your starting wave at 8 on pure strategy levels when you need to get to 10. It took me 165 hours playtime to get all the achievements, though that wasn't solid 100% pure going for them :P
  3. Spike Barricades and a DPS huntress is the main way..though if you are great at kiting im sure it can be done pure DPS huntress :D it's only like 5 ogres at most on solo?
  4. This isn't true, most of the score boards are perfectly fine, I wouldn't of got to the top of them otherwise.
  5. Can we get the top cheating player wiped from the board so that we can have a legit player top? I have quite a few firsts on medium on the higher levels at the moment, would love a shot at the first level but I can't compete with 4 million 3 million and i guess 80k and possibly even the 50k is cheated.
  6. I found a huntress weapon once that had 1 attack damage -400 to fire rate and a -stat to hero attack damage. That is the worst I have seen, on a hard bonus mission run as well :P
  7. Yeah I have every achievement / trophy as well.
  8. Use apprentice DPS - better than huntress here. Although I did it with 2x of each, I believe the apprentice handled stuff better.
  9. It's base should go insanely high though..so dunno if it does get outclassed or not? I think you randomed a slightly better chick, that kind of sucks, all that effort and you let rng decide the one off fate! Unless chickens will appear in my shop now? :s Though I doubt it
  10. Well, my steam playtime is 165 hours - and the biggest problem was zippy terror on insane as I needed 4 full dps to do it, and the pets achievement took a while, but just slowly progressed through. As an extra side note - I did 99% of the game WITHOUT a squire, pre or post nerf. My main was apprentice, and the only time a squire was used was on raining goblins insane.
  11. Well, I made it :) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197965388770/screenshot/595827150571910670 Chicken is epic, check the base damage and upgrades :D
  12. The ogre shooting the crystal thing - Block line of site with towers :) Sorry for double post
  13. The survival thing is really fast to do - just set the starting wave to 8. You get more mana in the starting chests for your towers, then do 2 waves, kill yourself off and move on to the next map :) On a side note I have done all of those you listed, and they really don't take long to run through. The harder stuff is the insane challenges and getting all the pets :)
  14. I am short 2 animus pets which ill be grinding out later, and two challenges, zippy terror, and the token one and I am there :) Steam achievements went to 0.1% today (just actuallly) where as before it was 0.0 so clearly someone or some people do :)
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