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  1. Mother of god, the patch. It's been so long. So long. I had almost given up hope, I was only checking every other DunDef digest and sometimes days after it had released, thinking this once great console experience was lost to me.
  2. My gamertag, houseofbacon, lost all the equipment on every single character.
  3. All around good news, glad to see this team have the success is deserves.
  4. I regularly leap off of rooftops, flying the slashing my way through flocks of Wyverns, just to feel heroic while doing so.
  5. I have noticed that greatly increasing my attack speed only took it from about 1.3 seconds to 1.2, whereas MM is around .12 and Fire is around .3
  6. So, I've got a lvl 74 app/monk combo going on right now. I typically use slow+elec auras and deadly strikers clean up the rest. However, whenever I look up other people's layouts, there's never a deadly striker in sight, just lots of MM and Fire's. What gives?
  7. I'm currently stuck on Wave 22 of Ramparts Insane, solo to this point with my app/monk build. I'm so close to a giraffe and I know I'll die if I do the next wave alone. My steam ID is houseofbacon83, nickname is houseofbacon, please someone add me up and help me finish, there's a giraffe in it for you!
  8. I'm in a game right now, Wave 22 on Ramparts Insane, solo to this point with a monk/app build. I can't make it any farther. I almost lost on the last wave, and the challenge is getting serious, as expected. I'm so close to the giraffe, I don't want to lose. My steam ID is houseofbacon83, nickname shows as houseofbacon. Somebody feel free to add me and help out, please, I've been at this for hours and I don't want to drop. I will head back to DD now and await the cavalry.
  9. "console fans are getting anxious" Passed that phase in January or February. Now just passively seeing which comes first: the 1 year anniversary of the game's release, or it's first solid patch.
  10. Ctrl + F: patch 0 results Been a month now without even mentioning it. Sorry X-box.
  11. Thank you for the information. Hopefully "official" information will continue to come for console users regarding patching and future DLC. I'm disappointed, but now that it's out on the table, console users can make an informed decision about where their DD experience will go from her. Nowhere. That's where. I'll play a little longer but... for what? I'll miss this game and community.
  12. Calm houseofbacon says the newbs can have my loot and I hope it helps them a lot. Bitter houseofbacon says screw that, I worked hard for this loot in hopes of using it on sweet new content that will never come. Don't touch my stuff.
  13. Next morning = not so furious anymore, just bummed out that there will be nothing else to do. Time to start looking forward to Dungeon Defenders 2. I hear it's gonna have cross-platform capability.
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