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  1. I am concerned about the upcoming patch for mainly 2 reasons: Switching heroes during a wave why? I play with my friends and we all have our roles theres no need to ease on that, like: "Oh this is getting pretty intense lemme switch to my full OP i9000+ hero and nuke this lane", please dont allow us to do this TE. wheres the challenge in that? and Shared XP Sharing loot, currencies and spheres is totally fine but XP?! This game is about replaying and grinding not playing once and then "heyy you have levelled all of your charters at once!" - please no. I like switching low characters and play
  2. Ah nevermind. I see now htere is the same notifier when you complete daily as you complete achievements.
  3. Thanks for that man. I was about to ask in the forums when to stop rerolling pet stats cuz 20k to roll and fail is money out of the window.
  4. I saw when you complete your daily there is no notifier whatsoever. It would be nice to notify the player when he finished the daily.
  5. Me and my friends found that last wave way too hard only because the level gives you 10 seconds to re-align your defenses. Thats ridiculous. 10 mere seconds to sell your towers on the mid lane and get them to the top to Betsy. We only managed to hurt her to half of his HP until her wyverns destroyed the eggs. All in all that last 10s ready time is not OK.
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