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  1. *Edit: Worked out how to update main post* Can't seem to update the main post. But what the patch notes say in regards to upgrade scaling changes... wasn't quite what made it into live. Looks like instead of the ~30% more to 20 DU towers, it is now instead ~100% And instead of -8% for 50 DU towers, it is -20% That means in the late game, the lower cost DU towers will scale MUCH more that originally thought: 20 DU cost towers now do over 66% more DPS when fully upgraded, compared to the 40 DU baseline. How does that affect the 3 lane scenario? Wave 1: business as usual. Since no upgr
  2. Obviously this doesn't take into account how towers work differently to each other. And especially with all the new builds on the horizon, diversity should become even greater. This was just a general look at how upgrade costs factor into different DU defences, why Trendy was making changes, and to show what these new changes mean for us. The 3rd scenario was just showing what would happen if upgrades were even across the board. Obviously Trendy has chosen to go a slightly different route, and I'm all for not having everything simple and bland. Theory crafting and finding the best way to ma
  3. *Warning: lots of numbers and badly formatted stuff - also, most likely boring* *Edit: Updated to show the changes in 5.14 - and more pictures* The problem with the current scaling of towers, which it seems is trying to be addressed in Hotfix 5.13, is that not all towers are equal when it comes to the cost of upgrading them. Below I will be going through some numbers which show how the current system works, the new 5.13 works, and a hypothetical "everything even" scenario. ----It Begins---- For consistency purposes lets assume all towers in the calculations are equal, in that they do spl
  4. level increments appear to go up by 5 each step e.g 1-10 = 10 10-25 = 15 25-45 = 20 So lets assume the next evolution needs an additional 25 lvls, putting it at (45-70) If you are correct, in that lvl 1 cost 1 cake, lvl 2 = 2, lvl 3 = 3 etc.. then using: fn = fn-1 + f going from level 1 - 70 will cost 2415 Cake, or: Exp - 12,075,000 Fish - 8,050 Cake - 2415 Meat - ? (cant remember how much exp a meat was) Gold - 12,075,000 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hypothetical situation: Lets say an average run of 15 mins, yields 4 food boxes (3 bosses + 1 fro
  5. I have also not received a daily mission since the patch, yet my friend who I play with has had over 9... would be nice if this was looked in to.
  6. STILL waiting on a fix for this.... map has been out almost a week now, and some of us still cant play it. On a side note, I found if I export my characters to "Open" mode I can play the map there. It is a "GO" button instead of a "GET" button. Same thing happens under "Play Local". "Ranked" still just presents me with a "GET" button, which links me to the Hero DLC which I already own.
  7. Yep, bought a second account and using the exact same computer/steam/DD game, if I log out of my main account and into to that second account I can play the map perfectly fine.
  8. Still cant play this map on my main account.
  9. Although this is a ridiculous fix I just tried re-purchasing the Hero DLC Pack (only since it was 75% off). Only to be greeted with this very 'informative' error message from steam: "An unexpected error has occurred. Your purchase has not been completed." My steam support ticket has been updated reflecting this, but it has also yet to be answered in the 3 days that it has been pending. It's not a nice feeling when you can't get in contact with any form of tech support for products you pay for... Edit: Purchased an entirely new DD game + DLC Hero pack on a separate Steam account... Ube
  10. version 7.12d I have had a friend create the map for me and I've joined his, but even after doing so mine still just has a "Get" button which brings me to the Hero DLC Pack. I still think the most likely cause is due to my steam not registering me as having the DLC pack (even though I do), and its been almost three days since I emailed steam about it with no response yet.
  11. I can join the map if someone else is hosting, but there are rarely any games up that I can see, and I'm not a fan of Pugs.
  12. The 33% buff did go through on the 3rd time it was mentioned, firs two patches did nothing. However the "damage stat" on the pet did not increase, but it did start hitting harder. My chicken was at about 5k dmg stat, hitting for 14k. After the patch it still remained at 5k dmg stat, but is now hitting around 18k. (Talking about the egg launch damage) I find the main reason not to use the chicken over an animus though is its small attack range and explosion radius. My animus can hit a target from at least 50% further away making it much more useful. And the explosion radius of the chicken
  13. Getting to 5 SPS seems to be the most beneficial from what I've seen. Going from 5-6 seems to give no boost at all, on tavern dummy DPS tests or manually timing the shots per second. I'd love to be corrected though, feels like such a waste that that extra point does nothing.
  14. Any reply would be nice, even if it's just: -"this affects too little people for us to make this a priority" or -"we don't know how to fix it" or -"it's a steam side issue that we can't do anything about" or -"we found what's wrong, its being fixed next patch" The game obviously knows I have the Hero DLC pack, or it wouldn't let me create the new heroes. It's just failing the check when selecting the Uber Monster Fest map. _________ In the game code, where the game checks your DLC pack when making a new hero: if (hasHeroPackDLC()){ //show "create hero" button }else{
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