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  1. she has alot of dmg , her towers and herself. the one thing that i dont like on her is her walls (trees) u need to place more then 1 on some spots cause they dont pull aggro most of the time.
  2. Obelisk got not that hard of a nerf , sure it doesnt do that much dmg as before. but it costs now 40 DU instead of 100 DU and it hits at start with 1.2 mil each second and that´s global. walls are ok , if u place them on the right spot , had trouble early but now im fine. im building every map and every chaos tiers mystic walls and everything is fine. snaking sands doesnt work with orb , u dont get any change. seems like orbs or any attackrate shard isnt working on snaking sands. i´ve tried everything on them , u get the best dmg results with a medalion , mark is fine too but if u want constant dmg then u should go for the medalion. hope some things getting buffed on her
  3. dmg wise they are rly great , u get rly high dmg numbers. but the trigger time needs to be improved somehow. its taking to long for them to trigger and when they do it´s not guaranteed that it´s doing crit dmg or stun. u can still buy her , her walls are great and the obelisk too. what i´ve forgot if u play her active your towers gets a dmg boost (it´s getting more if u are at 100 appeasement). i tried today to build only with the mystic and i allmost did it , failed in the last round. u can read my thread about it , i´ve tried a few heros.
  4. Since im c7 maxed and i got bored , i´ve start trying to build only with 1 hero on c7. i´ve tried a few and here are the results. with the dryad and the lavamancer it worked well , if u build your vulcano at the right spot its fine. with the adept it was rly hard , had to repair multiple times walls and flamethrowers or rebuild them. with the abyss lord and mystic i´ve failed in the last round. specially with the abyslord it was rly hard , cause the archers got 1 hit everytime and the dmg wasnt enough. the mystic was ok , but snaking sand is almost useless or maybe i was building them on the wrong spots and the sand vipers cant target an enemy at the same time. the only one that i didnt tried was the squire cause of his projectile towers and the geodes. did somebody else tried it and how was your progression?
  5. my main is mystic , she is great but some traps or towers need a little rework or a buff. her dps is good and u can easy defend 1 lane with her. if u got a cooldown reduction shard or the call to madness shard which increase the duration of it , u can cast it the whole time and the enemies getting cc all the time. pros - her walls can bubble up to 3 enemies (if the ladyorcs wouldnt bug sometimes over the wall i would say its the best wall ingame. sand vipers got a good range and dmg , if u get the right shard these towers can target up to 3 enemies and its not using projectiles (its a beam). obelisk is one of the best towers ingame. its a mobile tower which can smite every second an enemy (on the whole map) , shielding , buff your stats , burn enemies , polymorph enemies and u can instant swap it wherever u want. cons- snaking sands is in my opinion useless (the dmg is great) , its triggering to slow and the recharge time too ( u wont get many kills with this trap). sand viper cant target more then 1 enemy (multiple sand vipers cant target the same enemy).
  6. it is very strong early. i dont think your flame aura is stronger compared to a weapon manufactury (early) , later if u upgrading the flame aura to lvl2 it does more dmg. what relics are u using on flame and weapon manufactory? weapon manufactory was op and still is on some maps , because u can concentrate rly high dmg on a small spot which u cant to with a flame aura. the only reason why im not building it anymore is the cost of it. it costs 120 du , so instead building a weapon manufactory , its better to build 4 flame auras and cover more space on the map.
  7. there is still a bug or maybe trendy needs to set it somehow up. a few days ago , i´ve created a game with asc 250 , a few people joined and it was fine. but somehow a friend from one of these players joined him and he got a asc lvl of 60. so i refused to build in c7.
  8. yep u are right , but it should be harder to beat too. the game feels in some ways to easy and not challenging. the mutator that they have annouced of asked people whats their mind of it sounded good too.
  9. the endgame is coming tomorrow. ITS THE LEADERBOARD > endgame xDDDDDDD honestly they could have done something else , i mean fine they releasing a new hero but they should put the focus on other things that were more important.
  10. i got bored after 3-4 weeks , i already geared my 7 heroes full c7. all i do now is farm some shards and doing daily. i agree this game is way to easy in some points , sure at dd1 u had to play the maps over and over again. but they were somehow harder with better rewards and u had at these map diffiultys which u could set. think of it , that we could do some incursion on a higher chaos tier with some rewards that would be great. but the true point is , all the tower needs to be nerfed or balanced , cause u almost build the same way (allways some auras / bees and maybe a few towers here and there). there needs to be more versatility how u build. i´ve tried to build only mystic on c7 and i cant do it.
  11. maybe there are some people who dont want to waste their medals on shard packs. when i started playing i bought some too. but now im c7 fully geared and want to gear all of my other heros too. i´ve grinded c4 alot and had something around 100 c4 shards and i got only 1 power transfer. this shard is the way to go on almost every tower and there needs to be a higher drop rate or like lekkin said give us some maps where maybe the droprate is higher or maybe trade x shards for some random tier shard.
  12. i dont think bugs arent the same on each plattform. it´s maybe a bit less of work doing all at once
  13. maybe u saw the weapon of the gunwitch , because that looks like a shark ???
  14. why do the pc gamers have to wait for the patch ? instead , patch pc first if its available and then go for the consoles. since there is no crossplay it doesnt matter if the pc gamers gets a few days earlier an update.
  15. sounds good , maybe some taunt radius or can taunt 2-4 enemies for x seconds. would be rly nice to see.
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