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  1. 2b + 56^ imp with 40ish stats, and huntress guardian with 20+ boost edit: nvm then ;)
  2. 2b + those what i listed before for squire weapon (im also interested with disk shoter)
  3. I have 90+^ bonebow and diskshooter. what u got for trade? +i`ll buy that 90^ diskshooter. If you are interested with pets, i have huntress guarians with more than 20boost, imp with 56^ and40ish in all stats (include hero dmg) So i can buy both, diskshooter and 92^ squire sword for one of pets + 1,5b mana ;) add me on steam: tibipl
  4. wtb this: squire weapon 804/324 92^ offering 500m add me on steam: tibipl
  5. Hi. Im so mana capped right now. Im looking for 90^ weapons (almost all kinds, all classes), i`ll pay sick price for it. Also looking for high-grade pets. add me on steam with offers. Steam id: tibipl
  6. i spent few hours (seriously) on diferent map and diff. to get that. Im tired now, so if any of you have any gryphon, i can pay a bit for it add me on stem: tibipl stats doesnt matter, its for achi (i was sure that i got it already...)
  7. Now only looking for app one! Add me on steam
  8. Bump, still looking for any monk and app animuses! Add me on steam with offer :) steamid: tibipl
  9. WTB monk, squire, app animuses for catch em all achi. Stats doesnt matter. Add me on steam: tibipl can pay few milions for that :)
  10. i sent you PM -> app guardian from my thread vs your gear ;)
  11. currently at lv 20. Upgraded in order: number of def. > power > range I can take only ~25m mana. Looking for mana+ weapons, all kind, especialy crystal tracker, bone bow, squire weapon. I can consider taking armor pieces aswell, or animuses (other than huntress) Post your offers here if you have any question, my steam id is: tibipl
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