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  1. I would like to note that a bad cook (complaining of all the game files) can cause glitches between beta testing and release as they are techinally different builds. This could be something as simple as their PC glitching while throwing all the files together. Its a simple fix and means nothing on what the beta team is doing IMO... What ever the cause, this(and of course the many, many other faulty patches) marks TE as a company that breaks promises and cant release complete content, which alone doesnt stand as a reason not to throw your money at TE but, with the **** ton of glitches, bugs,
  2. Soooo one layer is missing and the world is coming to an end and everyone is a lie? The beta team isn't infallible and you guys are making a mountain of an ant hill. Do no call out players or a group of players. Fin Before i start, i would like to say that i do not really care that there is missing textures, its simply that i paid for the DLC pack and expect receive what i paid for and any promises to be fullfilled(such as a Testing Team) Our point is that one of the following is true... 1. The Beta Testers are Blind 2. TE thought no one would notice 3. There is no Beta Testing T
  3. with the losing charges, this happens when the traptress in the match leaves, if you try and upgrade the traps placed by the traptress after they've left, they wil lose a TONNE of charges and some AOE.
  4. my guess would be that the harpoons were being launched too high from the turret making the harpoons miss. or aiming at goblins and spiders as if they were orcs or ogres, aiming just above their head therefore completely missing. the DDDK is Dungeon Defenders Developer Kit, used for making maps and mods. with the collision height being restored, id say that the harpoons were either hitting mobs when they've actually missed or missing when they've actually hit.
  5. lol HIGH squire tower dps lol HIGH squire movespeed lol MEDIUM apprentice DPS lol MEDIUM monk abilities strength (referring to tower aura repair and hero aura heal lol LOW monk tower dps (have you seen the electric aura O.o) lol LOW barbarian movespeed
  6. Hawk Strike needs a buff. Increase its CD, reduce time unable to do anything, buff damage by 25% Monk melee needs a slight buff. damage buff by 10% Buff the etheral traps A LOT, they're supposed to do high damage like it says in the description, but they soon start to do less damage than all the other dmg traps, i say buff its dmg ramp by 20% at least. buff hero aura's heal by 15% and by 2.5x in NM (unless of course its already applied to NM) Buff retribution dmg by 10% and rate of fire by 10%
  7. I honestly dont mind them trying to balance the game, even if they do it badly. I just want them to be honest about. stupid trendy is cheating on me :kobold:
  8. This will be rather brief. Trendy has being giving us this bs nearly every patch. Ninja nerfs are becoming more and more game breaking and making me and many others, lose respect for trendy. Trendy, I am asking that you keep all your patches honest and include ALL buffs and nerfs in the patch notes. It is forcing a lot of people into a corner and making cheating look far more viable. Eventually, people get sick of it and go elsewhere, which means you will lose players who you claim to be making the game for. I am not saying 'stop the nerfs or ill quit', I am saying stop hiding i
  9. Im somewhat low end so dont laugh at this post :/ My MM towers have gone from 1.5k to 1.1k dmg and its making it impossible to get better gear so i can even get past wave 2 of NM deeper well. PLEASE TRENDY, if you're gonna nerf the towers then make it a dmg ramp for later on, its made it impossible to get to the later game content. BTW i use traps and auras too, even though the traps got a retarded nerf a couple of patches ago :(
  10. i think there was a MM tower dmg nerf too, im a low end player so dont laugh at this. my MM towers have gone from doing 1.5k dmg per projectile down to 1.1k. and no i havent changed character.
  11. Its annoying trying to equip a new weapon onto your right hand not your left >_> have to unequip the item THEN equip the item you want
  12. 2233/2712/165/1872 tower stats, max resists AND another 1026 in hero hp.... That would take every piece being at least 220-240^ and some incredible luck on stats for the drops. I request a link to the steam profile. he has negative stats on purity bomb and hero attack.
  13. probably a bit late, but could we please get the flame height of the fire traps reduced? when you have large traps it fills your entire screen, you cant see a thing and lag so so much :/
  14. Do you really want your character to look like this. hell yes i do, much more to look at. far more bad *** if you ask me. minus the link though. *waits for the zelda fans to attack*
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