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  1. Yeah still happening its a magic resistant lane spawns orcs that take 1700dmg from a trap that should do 5204 dmg its onslaught nightmare 1 wyvern den and its not the wrong lanes double triple checked.
  2. So noticed that wildboars take like 11k dmg from a lsa that should do about 33k on a physical resistant lane. Are there any lane modifiers that increase resistance after the inital resistance lanes or did the resistences carry over and i didn't notice that it said boars take less dmg from magical dmg overall?
  3. So yeah if you have 3 traps at wall, 3 at range stop(javelin trower etc) and 4 cannonball tower magic lane. And for physical lanes at the start of the map 5 lsa ether alittle to the wall or a little further away(if mainly ranged spawn and orge dosent come from that lane) it seem to work for nm1 were i am atm. Also try using monk great cc and some dmg form abilitys makes it a good choice for wave 1. After 2runs had the setp up perfect and could consistantly finish every map. That is for wave 1 after that it should be easier need 1 aa so sell 1 lsa form the lane that has a trap and your fine(f
  4. Meele for the win eh to bad tough the dmg might be another way but i guess cc wins nightmare ok thx.
  5. I usullay get lsa for the physical lane and 1 wall about 5-4 and for the magic lane about 4 cannonball towers,1wall and some traps for aoe. After the first wave you can upgrade and that 50% more dmg usually does the job. Also after the first wave 1 aa. I'm trying to lvl a dps atm but it probally won't get much easier for the first wave so a 2 nd huntress since she seems the most balanced for physical and magical dmg atm.
  6. So the biggest problem for nightmare solo seems to be wave 1 not the boss but that it spawns to many big enemys that clump up and cant be killed solo if you had 2 ppl on the first map it is easy but with the tower dmg you get from hard it dosen't seem possible to survive the first map. I'am using the enviormental traps btw the right one dosen't deal dmg sometimes also its to low for nightmare scale it up a little for the difficultis. If you some how manage to survie the first wave lucky spawns etc the only problem becomes wave 10 where you need to be at 3 places at once. If you upgraded your
  7. Same thing here farmed about 10 maps easy read online its higher drop chance on normal and hard so spend the weekend getting to normal at least farm 10 maps no madwick.
  8. same problem needs o be fixed pls i have the dragon egg wont hatch in social or private tavern shows 0 secs until hatchable click the button nothing happens.
  9. With Pretty much maxed stats my auras have 4100 dps on the tooltip (+50%chance to deal 150% dmg they get up to 8500 dps on the dumys which should be more since the attack rate is 0,49 per sec and 5100 with the dmg increase)now lightning aura cost 30 mana cannonball(mine get to 13k dps) costs 40 and is only single target.
  10. On the map Throne Room You can use the enviromental Traps(Statues) to get to the flyer spwawn gates and from there to the spawn ships. This could be anyoning since 1 person could kite the orge there for ever and make a 1 Hour long map or so. Also you can build towers traps up there. How to: jumb on the statue from there ether build a tower on the shoulder or jumb on the head from there you can jumb up to the flyer spawn platform and get behind the map to the enemy spawners etc.
  11. Cowten

    Hero Specs

    As it stands some specs seem very bad some very good and some meh. The Apprentice and Huntress have ok specs wouldn't change much. As for the others lets start with monk. MONK Concussive Chi is ok as it is Dragon Stance: maybe a little boost with the idea i have for a Crane stance (Range: 1 power full attack like a charge arrow only more dmg) Crane Stance: i would make it so you get stacks for each range attack that meele attacks deal a scaling % more damage up to 6 stacks as he has a 3 combo meele attack so that up to 6 meele attacks deal % more dmg (Meele: each attack uses 1 charge fo
  12. As it says in the Title some bugs you guys want to get fixed. For me its Javelin Trowers geting stuck on the enviroment like in the Throne room on the Couches or Vases.(also on other maps: normaly after they attack a tower and after the attack animation they are stuck) Flyers on the map Ramparst after letting the sub core die they get stuck on the right side on the collum on the way to the main core. And the main one for me is the loding crash. It loads for a long time and then i get kicked on the main screen with the message: ?INT?Engine.Errors.ConnectionTimeout? (this happend after the bug
  13. Nice weaponI have the weapon the frist boss drops ,poison dmg based . Mine is fully upgraded i got lucky with 4 projectile and charge speed of 8 fully upgraded its has about 70k dps. I played insame mode ranked solo , a better weapon should drop with 4 player insane.(Deamonlord)
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