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  1. I read the title and had to wonder if I was playing the same game as the OP.
  2. All u have to do is hide at the rope for the new umf nightmare. Take care of the spider. When monster can't see you they auto die. So if u can't win, don blame others. There is always different tactic This can get you pretty far through the new UMF. Along with using other mechanics to your advantage.
  3. If you got this 150up weapon yourself your probably capable of doing the first couple of rounds of nightmare UMF in which case round 2 and 3 can net you anywhere upto 10 million a round. If you brought the weapon then farming glitter insane is pretty good mana :/
  4. The level looks fantastic, there are pathing issue. But using the map to your advantage you can circumvent these.
  5. The reward on hard was some sort of unicorn staff (think it was for monks, can't be sure till I get home from work) it was horrible whatever it was.
  6. I have them stuck most often on the western most spawn point.
  7. I think the annoyance factor of spiders is fantastic, I just think they do waaay too much damage.
  8. I have only done this on hard, I am yet to try Nightmare. I completed hard with 7/8 on my portal. All I did was place proxy traps all over the map, and I mean ALL over the map.
  9. We finished this with 4 very well geared people the other night, and towards the end it was getting pretty close to us failing. Not tried Nightmare version yet, but I assume she would kick our ***. Just make sure you take the opportunity when her chest opens to get that extra damage in.
  10. If you sell UMF gear at a resonable price its rather easy to make buckets of money. Last night I opened my shop for 30 minutes and made a little over 300m.
  11. While I can manage the first two waves those ninja's on the third wave are nasty. Got past it once, I think it was luck.
  12. wow nice bone bow. Wish I hadn't spent all my mana on my 152 up bonebow now :/
  13. 7.13 players suffered with the loss of their hero shops. And many (myself included) didn't rush to 74. I didn't really see it as a loss. With the new loot the old loot is pretty much worthless anyway.
  14. I have managed to get to the third round. But those warriors beat the living crap out of me :/
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