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  1. Solved for me today => I did not play for 1 day and a half... maybe it helped the server to tag my account correctly ?
  2. UP... One week now... Thought the patch would have done something but no... Please trendy could you please give a status on this issue ? There's a lot of people having this trouble. I opened a ticket that was closed by trendy support : "Please check the forum for solution or check futur patch notes"... thanks for that...
  3. 2 days - - It's been 2 days without new daily quest - It's been 2 days without reset of chest reward for map completion... As much as I would like to have new quest, the second point is the worse one as the boss now drops less loot. Please check my profile and see if there is something wrong. Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. FYI, You still can play the game by going in Private tavern from the menu.
  5. Hello, Did not solve the issue for me. Impossible to join the social tavern. Regards,
  6. Thanks for the build, I was able to beat him with medium stats and a dps pet on EV.
  7. that's exactly what i'd like to do ... but... As it is my first time on this map for survival... i am stuck on wave 7 - 8 :p
  8. I tried your build this morning and cannot manage to start it well. Solo I am stuck with the initial mana available and fail as i cannot be everywhere to repair :) What would you advise to build first ? (i build Wall / BB / Harpoon with the initial mana )
  9. Something i would like to know before investing time in this... How is the mob counter on this new map ? Is it more a moraggo or a misty like counter ? :)
  10. Got the same issue since a few days. Every attempt is sold by a => unable to connect to the game. If i try to join one of my friend game, its said "connexion to the host timed out" Anyone got a clue or something ?
  11. hey, What about the loot compare to NM Surv ? Are they the same ? (never tryed PS)
  12. First of all thxs for theses layout ! I just wanted to add something : I switch a balista for a bowling canon on the east entrance for UMF http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=18616 I did not have to repair the barricade more than once or twice a wave since i did that. ( my stuff is not great : 650 1000 700 600 for towers stats ) Ps: sorry for my english... not my main tongue...
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