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  1. Are you running Dundef on a laptop? My girlfriend has a powerful gaming laptop but it doesn't run the game as well as expected and that's not uncommon; mobile GPU/CPUs have their quirks. Is it only with lots of enemies/effects? My rig (i7-2600 OC @ 3.8ghz, GTX670) even has some framerate dipping from time to time. As a recommendation, the post-processing might be the most resource-intensive, but it does give the game most of its aesthetics.
  2. Really sorry for the necro bump but I really wanted to thank you IceArrow. Tweaking that value nailed it. If what RPINerd posted is true, have you guys considered adding a mouse sensitivity slider to adjust this value in game? Again, thanks!
  3. Happy August, folks. Still wondering if the slider works for everybody except me.
  4. Sorry to bump this but after resetting the configurations and verifying the game cache, the slider still doesn't do anything for me. Can anybody let me know if it does anything for them? In the game options it's under Controls, called "Mouse Camera Turn Speed." At least I think this is the mouse sensitivity. Thanks
  5. This area seems to get a few mobs stuck every wave.
  6. I recently came back to Dundef after a small hiatus. When I logged in, the mouse seemed much too sensitive for my taste so I decided to turn it all the way down using the "Mouse Camera Turn Speed" slider. This didn't seem to do anything. I then turned it all the way up which also didn't seem to do anything. Is this a known issue, or can somebody let me know if they can reproduce it?
  7. I haven't played Dungeon Defenders in a while. Several patches, at least. When I went to launch the game Steam gave me a cryptic message that it was reorganizing the directory for performance, or optimization or some such (don't recall the exact wording). It took a couple of seconds then started a 2GB download. I couldn't see anything in the patch notes or any threads about this. Does this mean that the game file structure has been optimized so future patches won't be such large downloads? That'd be a sweet deal.
  8. [c3;542712']i dont know man. im never able to kill things like orcs, goblins, and DEWs that are inside a circle. ive checked it numerous times, deliberately getting caught inside and seeing if after 10 seconds i can kill my way out, and i have been caught for well over 30 seconds without being able to kill them. and it happened to me earlier today where DEWs from a different spawn point swarmed at me, and while i was running, i got stuck inside an immunity circle, and all my attacks were doing 0 damage to them. its just frustrating to see things in the patch notes that arent happening in-
  9. This is the type of thing that can give a company a really bad image. In all honesty, I have no problem with racist jokes when they're shared privately, but this could have really hurt the company and cost people their livelihood. Someone needs to learn some discretion and to think things through a little better. This is why the patch notes don't reflect the fact that a racist term that was community-added and never proof-read by the developers (or anybody) was fixed. This is the type of mistake that gets religious rights groups up in arms.
  10. "Zippy" in this case mans "speedy" or "fast." It's not a proper name. This is the main difference between a literal translation and a proper localization. As a bilingual Canadian, it's no secret that many things translate literally and some things do not. However, some things are translated entirely differently. They may have completely different literal meanings, but the same actual meaning when translated (and vice versa). As a quick example, I had to explain to my girlfriend recently when at the airport that although "departure" in french is literally "dart," that word isn't used
  11. As somebody who just traded a game for the Summoner DLC and leveled it to 74 earlier today, I can now say I have finished my first NM HC MM. All waves. Fresh Summoner with EV/Squire towers; never done it before. To put my two cents into this discussion, unless they are nerfed drastically the upcoming content will require them just to keep people awake whilst doing the new maps. Either that or I'm just amazing at the Summoner. To be fair, it wasn't Aquanos or whatever is the hardest one - it was Foundries and Forges - but it was my first ever completion and the difficulty was a joke compar
  12. The problem isn't the desummoning, it's the fact the minions are moving out of summoning range, and thus logicly would 'break' the desummon beam, instead of getting stuck even if the summon goes to the other side of the map. This. I read it as a pretty lazy nerf instead of addressing the actual issue.
  13. impulsively bought it. dont mind it. cant get enough of the class. it's worth the 4 imo to breath new life into the game.. dont' you realize how much playtesting and bug checking was done just to get this class out there? its worth 4 bucks. Considering I've been putting off buying the class until I see that critical problems have been resolved (we're on our third patch now fixing some pretty bad issues and there are more unaddressed, like minions depleting auras as if they were enemies) I would answer your supposedly rhetorical question with 'not enough in my opinion'.
  14. Also at 5, I often see Mages and their Skeltons get pushed behind/inside the rocks. They can fire at will while in there but despite my towers firing, they cannot hit back. I think it's related to the gas trap congestion that usually builds up there.
  15. That Supreme weapon had 370 upgrades, but rolled over to a lower number. This should just not happen.
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