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  1. Oh hai there ^.^ It's been too long since you were active :) Hai! Yeah, I've been lurking >.>
  2. I'm pretty sure OP is just being funny; the list is supposed to be read tongue in cheek. If so, Bravo. If not...
  3. When you guys originally set out to make DD, what game(s) was your biggest influence?
  4. here in so cal theres just summer and winter SoCal = Southern California for those that don't know. Also, I thought you guys just had 'Summer' and 'Firestorm'.
  5. Sounds like a nifty idea, but I would drop the player's level having anything to do with it.
  6. I disagree; while people do abuse the kick feature, to suggest that hosts shouldn't be able to kick people from their public games is counter-productive IMO. If someone joins my game when they are either not prepared for w/e I'm looking to do, or is just generally unhelpful (or griefing) they need to be kicked ASAP. A better option would be to have the towers go along with the kicked player. As of now (and prolly forever) the best option to combat host kicking is to host your own game.
  7. Amazing job Nexus! I expect to see this in the digest. And I agree 100%: we should be able to set taverns in ranked!
  8. I don't think this is something that needs to be fixed. Just wait until you get to your tavern to show each other your loot. And not to mention that this is a bad idea anyways since the game seems to disconnect whenever someone at Valve HQ sneezes. This.
  9. we do have something unique on consoles. Did you know that only consoles can change theire controller number and add in upto 3 extra players to get 4 rolls on each map. Some people say, "thats all well and good, but you cant do that with challenges". But oh on the contrary, you can do exactly the same thing with challenges, except, at the main menu, change the user to a different user on the ps3, and BOOM! 4 shai hulud rolls for 1 player, or 4 blasticus rolls per run, you get the point. Players on PC do not have that ability, ergo----CONSOLES HAVE SOMETHING THAT PC DONT PC most definitely ha
  10. There we go again with the old players had it easier bull****, it simply is not true. Try dealing with djinn without summoners or evs or barbs or jesters, that's how old players had it. There's no point in arguing it; it's easier to believe that the old players had gear handed to them and that the game caters to the high end players etc etc. The people who were playing when each shard part was released know what is was like, so don't even sweat it.
  11. The economy was already broken. Mana tokens just make it easier for the majority of playerbase to store excess mana which I see as a good thing. This. All Mana Tokens (actual) did was make it so legit players could store mana easier. In Diablo 2, the gold was completely useless, except for buying a truckload of potions to farm bosses. Its always been a item-item trade. I have a very good tower pristine chest that id love to trade for a similar chain one. Should i sell it for mana that ill drain tomorrow upgrading some pet? Or trading it for a similar item that means a upgrade for me? Th
  12. The EV and Summoner do not even come close to making up for the increased difficulty of all the new enemies in NM. You can't possibly be saying that NM with no spiders, djinn, sharks and copters, but also no Summoner or EV is HARDER than what we have now? I stand by my argument that progressing now is MUCH MUCH MUCH harder than it was before all the new enemies. The maps got significantly harder, require much higher stats, but the rewards have not gotten any better, making it much more difficult to advance. Sorry, but effectively doubling the amount of DU you can spend on towers m
  13. If I remember correctly, I think the max you can have is 24. It may be higher than that though.
  14. I completely disagree.. Playing a class because they are the only one to not leave your hands/fingers numb for hours is not a "pro". This.
  15. Works for me. Hopefully w/e problem was resolved.
  16. That looks like what happens when someone is starting a new game and you catch them right when they are loading. It used to say Custom or something like that. If you refresh it should show the proper map they are playing.
  17. um... who cares? am i the only one who doesn't care about hackers? I'm with you buddy: Hackers only ruin the game for you if you allow them to ruin the game for you.
  18. It's because "If the gear is better than mine then it must be hacked". Welcome to the club, bro.
  19. Imagine that; having to beat the hardest map in the game legit. Oh the horror!
  20. Yep. It's the sad reality of Arcade games at the moment. Live and learn though, right? I now know better to just not buy Indy games on a Xbox because unless it's some type of giant success game (Read: Minecraft) then you're just not gonna see the support on it that you would see on a PC. Still, I guess it's easier to blame you guys then to blame Microsoft. Oh well, keep it up guys; you're doing a fantastic job!
  21. I support Trendy on this. This. It seems like every time a shards pack came out it broke the game and made it impossible to beat, yet here we are.
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