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  1. Its not a pratical useful anyway. They nerf this, i can only think of "we hate the squire for no reason">
  2. :/ didn't say that about the awesome halloween weapons did I? Thats the problem they release new content thats just stat whoring the whole game.
  3. Trendy you still haven't released content for local and now you have a single mode that for a tiny effort, gets you better gear. Not only that, the reward for beating it: armor. REALLY trendy? You couldn't make some new stuff? Like yeah, getting better armor IS cool. But its just the same old stuff with different stats.
  4. Oh sorry, i got bored of farming mana awhile ago and hopped on my mod char and upgraded the chicken to see what the stats were. All the achievements are legit though so w/e. Not gonna farm hours and hours of mana for the 200mil pet. Sorry, guys, even grinding has to have a reasonable goal.
  5. My chicken is at 376 starting with 76 upgrades. What were the old chicken stats everyone hated? edit: ah....now i see. I have 76/76. Thing has 12k a shot. Which is really nothing on animus.
  6. Beat the game, finally! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007539779/screenshot/612717879301150725?tab=public Easiest challenge: Ogre Crush. Hardest challenge: Zippy terror(can't solo). Most annoying challenge: Wizardry. Surprisingly easier than expected: Treasure hunt. Surprisingly harder than expected: No Towers. Surprisingly annoying: Assault. Easiest achievement: Tutorial. Hardest achievement: All challenges on insane. Most annoying achievement: Survival and pure strat. Not too difficult, but extremely time consuming. Surprisingly easy achievement: All insan
  7. Its warping core. Strategies: basically revolve around you killing mobs extremely close to their spawns. Must have high dps champ for ogres and good tower/traps for mobs. If you do not have both, you automatically will fail. The core will constantly warp to right infront of a spawn. Rewards: Zemora's gear. For beating all on ________ difficutly: Zemora.(fairy) *note*: If beaten on insane for all, will give all types. ------------------------------------ The armor drop for completion: The armor is either 1/1 with mediocre stats, or 1/33 with high stats. These stats usually inclu
  8. What about Minecraft you don't see notch asking for money everytime a new major update come out. Do you ? isn't that a monthly subscription?
  9. Optional sure, but that was never his point. The point is trendy said it was free, its not. Then with no prior warning they release a DLC challenge pack with better items. And to be honest: its a pretty lame challenge. I mean why not ogre crush or monster fest or something FUN. Anyway, you have trendy lying about price and then releasing better weapons for a boring challenge>
  10. Why is warping core DLC buyable, but not turkey? Turkey brings new content, while warping core......really just brings more annoyance.
  11. Well i believe this was mentioned as free, but heck i still bought it. Whole thing cost less than $10, so lets be honest, there isn't that much of cost here unless you have no job. ------------------------------------------------------ But it does represent bad PR. Such as creating a map pack with the most BORING AND ANNOYING CHALLENGE i could think of, only making it buyable cus it has "new weapons". Like gee trendy, you skimp on local, but you let me buy some challenge pack that literally has nothing new, and is the ONE challenge i really felt annoyed at since it commonly had mobs thr
  12. You've brought this topic up a lot and you already know why Thanksgiving is not on Local. I'm sorry if you're not happy that the content is exclusive to Ranked for a bit of time before it comes to local. I understand how that can be frustrating, however when someone keeps bringing any topic up over and over again because they are not happy with the answer that is something I consider spam. No i don't know why. Care to explain? "they put it on ranked" isn't a reason.
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