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  1. Sound mate. Trying to be patient :D Welcome back.
  2. My favourite memory is everything before the 20+ survival grind for which made me stop playing :)
  3. Natural progression is non-existent now. You run insane glitterhelm until 74 (maybe 10 runs, depends on if the crystal is damaged, you are damaged, etc). Farm out some extra mana, probably on the same map or on some survival run. Buy a full set of decent mythics from players shops. You now have stats in the 200+ range, probably 400-500 for the stat you're looking for. In total this might cost you 40mil. More if you want the "end-game" gear that can be upgraded 200+ times. Even that won't cost 100 mil if you shop well. You are then stuck. You have to farm out BILLIONS of mana to full
  4. I thought DD was an amazing game, great fun and all... but it was only my game of choice due to having a low spec laptop at the time. My only worry now is that due to the itemsation going through the roof, can I pick up and play? Or will have to spend x time do x game mode to do x map, i.e. an item grind. Or is the natural progression back in the game?
  5. Well I had completed everything on Insane and got all the achievements, but stopped due to the itemisation turning out insanely stupid. If DD is a pick up and play game I'll come back, but if it's jsut a pure grindfest I'll do that in SWTOR instead :)
  6. Hello, I stopped playing due to disagreeing with the decisions by Trendy, but want to know hwo things are going now? Last time I played it was 50up stuff. From what I've seen it's now in the 200's and costing billions. So my question is... is it worth coming back or am I too far behind?
  7. I'd like to say thanks for the amount of hours you've entertained me at such a low price. Unfortunately I now don't have the time to commit to survival as i once did so I'm saying goodbye. Good luck to future DLC and games release. Setup a newsletter system :) Peace
  8. 1. Agreed! 2. meh... umm no opinion 3. How dare you insult ym beloved Steam! :) 4. This is fine, the jumping Ninja's are meant so they leave you're view (unless you look up). Skeleton's are fine simply because they are annoying and force you to target the summoners' 5. 100% Agree. I love Monster Fest mode :) 6. There is an option to turn the animation off. 7. I see where you're going with this, but this should be more of a new mode. A lot of work. 8. Adjusting hero damage will not effect anything as there will always be weaposn that cut through wave upon wave. Also you seem bias
  9. Seems I'm back in work I'm at the same point too. Survival takes too long, so why bother playing?
  10. Although I never take a users opinion on balance, there are some ok feature among all that.
  11. We may well need to make the slower-swinging weapons have higher potential random damages. What are some of the ones that you feel could use higher potential damages? The Thor Hammer obviously, but any others that stick out as obvious? -Jer By adding a DPS value to a weapon this would probably allow you to construct a simple calculation to balance out swing speed to max random damage :)
  12. If you contact a Dev it's possible you'll get them back. Just saying :)
  13. Rampart item gen is fixed. As for crystal damage it is the wyvern projectiles. e.g. the come over the roof and fire projectiles at any turret's near the double crystals. Only happens every now and then, but the solution is this: Don't put turrets BEHIND crystals. Stopped playing recently as I hate survival, so let me know how it goes :)
  14. Knockback, attack speed, damage. It's not like you'll ever use the chicken on a serious run... so may as well have fun when you do :P
  15. The only reason I do area 3 maps instead of area 1 or 2 is because of the different weapon model's that drop.
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