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  1. What stats should i get in huntress?
  2. This is just my opinion, i think the new way to select the hero for the quick swap thing with F1-F4 keys its a bit confuse, i think i prefer the old way, because u kinda had an overview of all the heroes u had, now u have to scroll around to select heroes. Again, this is just my opinion and i would like to know what do u think about it?
  3. To get iPWR 700+ gear should i keep running NM4 incursions or go for onslaughts? And in wich maps?
  4. Soo, the new patch is out, does anyone have tested it?
  5. I can't remember in-game, but in tavern it shows in the right corner that u completed a quest. But i think it would be cool if the notifier was differente from normal quest notifier.
  6. I see, ty everyone for the answer.
  7. Hey, i lvl up an apprentice to lvl 50, and now im lvling up a squire to lvl 50 (currently lvl 46). But i see that apprentice isn't really used, i see huntress and monk being more used to tower dps. I would like to know some good tower combo for some good dps, so i can know what class to lvl up next.
  8. So, i've read that the flamethower uber sphere its pretty useless, but i could only find threads that were 3-4 months old. At the moment, how is it? Is it still worthless?
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