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  1. Add homing to the charged shot. Cluster the shot like the Van Wolf bow. Fire the shots randomly in 360 degrees around your character. (One of these suggestions is not like the others.)
  2. Elemental damage can also be completely negated by 25% of all creeps. Which isn't remotely a problem for a tower build.
  3. Blood rage should be nerfed, and elemental damage should be nerfed. Your points have proved little to me. You beat me to the wall of text. Dang. Basically, yeah. Elemental damage is too high. I had a Soul Focuser (first boss drop for huntress, on insane) that deals over 4k poison damage per shot (and I'm sure it isn't nearly a perfect version, as it was the first one I got). 9 shots per second. This is, for lack of a better term, ludicrous. I've since traded it in for the Van Wolf, but even that crazy weapon wasn't that much of an upgrade, even after respeccing for DPS.
  4. So in the next patch (7.08) guardian pets will have multi-targeting- since these pets are clearly meant to stick around groups of towers, this option would be even more useful. :)
  5. Yes they are sold. Although I think I'm right in saying that the mana crystals littering the dungeon floor at the end of the wave have to be sept up to be included in the final mana share. If you leave the crystals on the floor you lose the mana. Incorrect. Mana is also auto split.
  6. /facepalm even worse.... Did... did you expect range to make the swords/spikes longer? I'm not sure why this is a surprise to you. They are melee based defenses...
  7. They would be vastly improved by only using the mana that you would have used to make the same amount of repair, maybe a little bit more.
  8. The only people #4 hurts is ninja looters, and hurting them is a good thing. This game needs more things that encourage cooperative play and/or discourage selfish behavior. There's a reason FFA (free for all) is almost the least used loot system in MMOs.
  9. The game should REWARD you for going multiplayer, not PUNISH you... Fixit. If I could five star a single post, I would. Tougher mobs AND more mobs (seriously- pick one, it's fine, don't need both), less loot- why would I group?
  10. Diminishing returns mainly serve a balancing purpose in that they keep players from getting too far past what the developers think is the strongest they need to be, however in the case of this game I feel that point is set far too low- you can hit it before reaching maximum level, easily. I would like to be able to create a glass cannon build (massive damage but low survivability) but at the moment it's more of a styrofoam slingshot.
  11. Apprentice and auto fire would make charging impossible. But i agree that the Monk and Squire should get that. Not necessarily- there's no reason to need autofire on the secondary (knockback) attack, so simply making primary attack autofire, and secondary still able to charge, they could change it so that if you pressed primary fire while (or after) charging the secondary, you fire the charged version of the primary attack.
  12. I actually did a Royal Gardens run earlier where my Deadly Strikers WERE prioritizing, they would shoot wyverns instead of closer mobs, and picked out mages from groups before shooting anything else (when there were no wyverns) so unless that was a fortunate bug, they do have a new priority list. I personally hope that was an intentional change, haven't tested it yet though. I would still like the ability to set their priority myself :)
  13. I don't understand why people are allowed to like things I don't. Edited for accuracy.
  14. This would actually add a different dimension to every map -- the defense points are each of your characters, and you'd probably have a shared limited pool of lives. Your post assumes solo play. The mode could/should have beefed up mobs, because there will definitely be great places to "turtle up" whereas crystal locations are nearly always in multiply approachable locations. Would also be nice to see a reduction on the sheer quantity of mobs, and focus more on difficulty and individual mob stats. And your post misses that he edited his original post to explain more clearly what he means,
  15. This would actually make every map identical (only one defense point- your character). Unless you are suggesting the removal of towers as well, your poll options are backwards.
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