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  1. Also I spent every gem I had on lock boxes... half of them opened the same items and just completely lost the gems for duplicate costume parts... i wish I could do it all over again I would never open a look box...just buy the costume parts you want from the tavern girl for gems. That's way you get exactly what you want... they may cost a little more up front but in the end I imagine you will be much happier then I am. Lockbox are useless in this game unless they allow for like 10 missions a day... right now tokens are way too rare to waste on an expensive key for a chance to get something wor
  2. I agree that squire defenses seem to be a major resource drain as they can all be broken and require constant maintenance. They just don't have the resistance they should have. I had my squire set with maximum health and even blockades with 70k hp will require constant attention. Meanwhile my lightning auras with very little health easily survive wave after wave with only fixing/upgrading between rounds or every other round.
  3. Gems, costumes and pets for wyvern tokens collected is definitely a way to keep people grinding. Hope that happens. I think I read in another thread that the patch with the 50 cap and survival and maybe nightmare is aiming for before December and the wipe will happen early 2016. ^I forget where I read this so don't take it as fact until Timmy chimes in
  4. Has the game been out long enough to make it possible to get 120 tokens? I only missed a few and can't imagine if i hadn't that i would have any lore then 90. But like mentioned above. .. it goes to bag for some reason. ..not to spheres right away. This game likes the extra steps
  5. I can afk every map. Assuming I'm allowed to upgrade in between rounds. My uber LSA never gets used up because it's placed behind the defense setups... not one single monster will touch the LSA except ogres because nothing at all can get past my standard lightning aura/water trap/ skyguard defense. So when and ogre comes through he usually wastes it down to about 90-94% because it's been upgraded for the ogre rounds... yes if the LSA was left stock it would drain out and the ogre could win...but that would never happen because I'm not dumb enough to expect a tier 1 aura to kill an ogre by its
  6. Well the gear gives you your stats so for sure that's important..likewise with spheres. Took me a long time to find a good legendary boost medallion and it's not really needed with the cap on difficulty we currently have imo. As far as saying dps is just for bragging... i would say no...dps is for winning. Lol. Seem more like a hater statement then a statement worth listening to . We don't have a survival mode so I don't see the need for excessive health... not in my builds. My auras never go down more then about 76% and I rarely repair them. So why would I want to waste so many points on he
  7. This issue seems to be getting worse, not better. Start the game... join social tavern for no reason...then try to join a game at the table... oops... 2 requests in a row because of this useless social tavern. Gotta wait and watch idiots run in circles for 30 seconds before I start...cool. Finally join a game... noob builder taking the reigns...i like a challenge so I'm in...nope what he's doing is a guaranteed failure and nothing can save him... quit...nope...can't quit... quiting the game is also a request thanks to these useful social taverns...i can't even quit the game... sometimes I ca
  8. Well my guess is that those low level maps just don't offer many gems. Those maps unfortunately can't even be played in high level games... almost every map gets locked and we are left with only 5 maps... can't even play throne room on incursions. .. doesn't make sense but it's the way it is for some reason so I'm going to assume those maps just don't give out many gems since they are only allowed to be played before level 25. I don't know why it was so hard for trendy to add all the regular maps to incursions but apparently it was and that is probably part of why not many gems come from those
  9. My Monk: Tower health: 316 Tower power: 1,266 Tower speed: 1,152 Never seen a better monk then mine
  10. Betsy rarely gives me anything on hard incursions and I smoke her in like 1 minute I e gotten a few of her items but never good versions... maybe one monk weapon and an awesome +boost medallion. But 9 times out of 10... she drops low level epic garbage only. Ogres have the goodies. I get good drops from the wyvern den ogres and crossroads ogres more then anything else. If you can't play those safely yet try grinding liferoot a few times. That's like the easiest map and those mini bosses drop lots of goodies. I recommend never playing on nornal. Gotta go hard or go home in this game. You'll ge
  11. Not sure if this will help but when you play solo (maybe split as well idk) you have to run through all the loot and gather all the loose green gems Before you open a gem chest. Once you open the gem chest, all green gems on map Wil disappear. This could cost you easily 1-200 greenbacks a round. In regular MP this doesn't happen. Hope that helps. Also dedicate 2 heroes to be builders so their low level towers hit harder. The hero you fight with should not be building anything ever unless emergency during combat. Just fyi. GL
  12. I also want to upgrade from defenders pack to collectors edition.
  13. Yeah it only worked for me once... the only thing working for me consistently is Google Chrome atm. Stock Samsung browsers can't seem to handle this ridiculous website
  14. Seems like the devs are carefully avoiding all comments about when we will get anything for some reason. The wipe and 50 cap update in particular. They are avoiding these questions on purpose. No way they don't see everyone itching for answers. I just hope we get something before Thanksgiving. The devs could at the very least give us an eta on these clearly important issues. Is thenwipe even going to happen in 2015? Maybe they are using something... Timmy
  15. I agree with mash. This game needs more ways to communicate. Not less. Not everyone wants to talk to dumb randoms...or smart ones for that matter. Let us choose how we wish to talk to people. I have text and voice on my phone and I hate the phone part. I text everyone. And if I send a text and they call me I ignore them half the time because I don't want to talk to them. These are people I know and like that I don't want to talk to...so you can imagine some random nob building a dart tower in the middle of my build isn't exactly someone I'm anxious to have a phone call with. Let us communicate
  16. Trendy, It seems like you guys are putting a lot of effort into the community aspect and social taverns to get players to meet each other and form bands. I also think it's a great idea as communities keep player bases strong and competition high. In its current state however, social taverns are nothing more then an irritating middle man between starting and quitting games for advanced players. The current setups are ideal for new players to meet other new players though so I think there is certainly room for this version of novice/tier 1 tavern. I think there should also be social taverns f
  17. I have the same problem on my galaxy note 2. DD2 forums worked as "smoothly" as these forums did for a week and then the daily awards notification started interfering. The only work around I can think of that may work is deleting Internet cache and cookies so the site doesn't recognize you a s a member so those stupid broken notification popup won't appear... of course you can't post then about how well coded that site I
  18. Is the webmaster on strike? Someone go to his house and make sure he didn't drown in the bathtub or something. If he did die or quit please tell the next guy to get rid of daily influence points popups. The "x" doesn't work for me so I can't access DD2 forums at all. Looking for life on this planet sir... no sign of it.
  19. Hi I'm having major issues with the dd2 forum specifically. Always goes to a notification screen and says nothing is there... the problem seems to be based around whatever these useless daily rewards" are...i can't even click on the front of the word "daily" right now to put a quote in front...that's how buggy this forum is... Please offer a dumbed down simple version without these stupid rewards popups that basically freeze my browser. It's weird how you guys can have such a good game yet such a poor website... if you can't code it nicely just give us a simple version... no need for for a
  20. Pushing L3 (inspect) on a player should bring up basic stats so you can see if they are worth playing higher levels with. Banner ping should work on towers. I try to ping towers that are poorly placed or need some sort of attention. Need a way to view difficulty in menu or UI/hud. When tavern leader selects a map and difficulty I shouldget a pop up showing his choices and 10 seconds to follow him or back out. I can't stress enough how important it is in any game to know what difficulty you are playing...i shouldn't have to wait to see what color the dragons are. Purple Barney good. Orang
  21. Good question here. Hopefully devs answer soon. I've been wondering if I should spend gems also. I have all these lock boxes and I was able to delete one but now they are just filling up space and can't delete them. I'd spend gems on a couple of them but not if they will get wiped out. Is it safe to assume that the wipe will not affect any costume stuff? since the wipe will grant a costume to the 25+ and most of us have extra costume parts from the pre alpha bundles so they ccan't delete that stuff i would guess... not worth the risk on a guess though. ETA on the wipe would be nice. There's g
  22. Need to be able to choose only hard or only normal settings. Hate being thrown into a game or tavern and then being forced to waste my time playing normal. .. or have to wait for the first wave and see how easy the monsters die and guess if it's hard or normal then have to quit a match in the middle of the wave when I realize it's a waste of time. It should at least say normal or hard when I hit the pause button so at least I can quit before a wave starts if I'm thrown into a normal game... but really there just needs an option to only search for hard games. Huntress square button ability se
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