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  1. Good good, hope the Inventory is good now, from my pow, it was acc better when all loot came in at once then it was arranged properly in the bags. Leg, Myth, Blue, green, whites, Food and chests.. and so on, now all the bags got a piece of every thing in every one :`\ take longer time to sell and og thro the Inventory and start again... Greetings And tnx for an awsome game.
  2. After the patch i uped alot of pets to lvl 10 to see the abilitys, then i went to test them at the training Dollys. Went in to a game, and then they where gone. not all of em but some of em, dont have the exatc Count but over 3... :\ hope to hear from u guys.... Greetings
  3. Considering all the problems that have been all day With playvers, blackscreen, dc, loggin poblems. Might be best to runn out the patch now, and hope it will fix some issues? =)
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