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  1. Have you logged in recently? (illegal) USD shops are all over the place. I have. But apparently buying from these stores is illegal/banable.
  2. I did meet all the requirements. I just got the achievement didn't I? :P So yeah... I should have the unicorn. But nooo... Anyway I just added you. *edit* There are like over 9000 sigs. I think I added the wrong one. And I don't know which one you are. So add me: pm_kevin_rudd *edit* herpderp. Thought you meant your steamid WAS stig. Okay I just added you. *edit* thanks for the run dude. Much appreciated.
  3. I just completed the achievement Dungeon Raider on Insane with the player Molly and no unicorn was awarded to me! My steamid is pm_kevin_rudd and my current steam alias is Special Sauce. Please award me my unicorn thank-you. And yes, I did exit out of the game and come back in but still no unicorn... I also have a screenshot of my inventory as proof on my steam profile. And here is a link: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/688/dundefgame2012021221443.jpg/
  4. It's not a problem with restarting. I haven't restarted since installing the drivers anyway. Windows 7 isn't like XP where you need to restart for every little installation, only some. And you're right, if it works for Bastion it SHOULD work for Dungeon Defenders. Personally I think Trendy have made it so you can't use emulation software anymore. Why else wouldn't it work? And what do you mean enabled? I click "Enable" after selecting 360 emulation in MotionInJoy and this installed the fake Xinput driver or w/e it is and allowed me to use it in Bastion, so why not DunDef?
  5. Tried x360ce. Doesn't work. Put the files in Binaries/Win32. Program doesn't work.
  6. @IceArrow. Yeah I found a thread where someone said Comodo was stopping them from having it work. I don't have Comodo I have ZoneAlarm. I tried Disabling it. Didn't work. Trying exiting out of it completely. Didn't work. Found out Windows Firewall was enabled. Disabled that completely. STILL doesn't work. Stupid game is stupid. Think I'll try x360ce see if that works.
  7. Well that's the thing. I can get it working with Bastion. And I saw someone on Youtube do it using PS3 controllers and the same program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN9dr0S2PXo But I can't for the life of me get it to work.
  8. Hi. I am wondering if there is any reason why using a PS3 controller emulated as a 360 controller won't work for DunDef? It works just fine when I play Bastion: You can ONLY use 360 controllers for this game, or keyboard/mouse; obviously. The start button works as a 360 start button would in Bastion, etc, etc. The program I am using is MotionInJoy (latest version: 0.6.0005). I am trying to press the start button on my controller to join another character but it doesn't work... I want to be able to have two characters playing in the one game. Anyone else been able to get a PS3 controller working for DunDef emulated as 360? *edit*: I'm almost certain I'm half-way to getting this to work. Because when I go to the main menu and go to Options and then "Controls" I can now see a giant xbox 360 controller instead of what used to be there, which was my keyboard controls. But yet I still can't get this thing to work in-game... :(
  9. I have lost count of the amount of times I have played Magus Quarters on Insane Survival and haven't reached 25. Usually because most people are AFKing or too busy "knighting" around the place "blasting" things like that's all they know how to do (HELLO! REPAIR THINGS PPL!!!). I could probably have all lvl 74 characters by now lvling on glitter instead of having wasted my time in this fashion. Especially since Insane Survival Magus can take about 8+hours to complete. I want giraffes for all my tower builds, but you've made this game way too time consuming. As far as less monsters more difficulty goes I dunno if I agree with his figures. But I certainly think that if you are going to reduce the mobs you might need to balance it out with a bit more difficulty.
  10. Most free and some paid MMO games incorporate this into their game because just like this game; their games require way too much time to play to get anywhere. You have incorporated this system on your Android. I haven't played it on my Android for a long while but I remember that you could buy stuff for real money at the tavern vendor. I reckon you should have something like this on the other versions too (PC/Consoles).
  11. I'm more open to hot-topic debates than the other Moderators. That said, lets keep it civil here. Selling for $$ is against the rules, as is paying for items in such a fashion. I can tell you from personal experience this morning that the banhammer is slowly but surely coming up to full speed, so don't chance it. It's still not fair that you can buy items/mana on the Android and not on the PC. Is there a suggestion box where I can place this suggestion and it will actually be read and thought about instead of instantly deleted? I say Trendy should make it so that we can buy items/mana from Trendy just like you can in most free MMOs and some paid MMOs, because just like those games; this game requires too much time.
  12. First of all. What does 360 controllers have to do with it? You can't have more than one of your characters in a game unless you have 3 other steam accounts with a legit copy of the game on each. In other-words, wasting another $15x3 for those copies. Plus I'm pretty sure you can't have more than one instance of Steam running so you'd need three other PCs running this setup as well... Unless you're telling me just one copy on the Xbox 360 platform allows you to play multiple characters of your own in the same game. If so I say that's bloody unfair. Secondly, as I said before most people want to enjoy a game as a game. Trawling through forums and FAQs to learn how to "be all that we can be" is boring and time-consuming. Again: I spent half the time you did doing that; finishing Borderlands with mates and that game is HUGE. Plus most good games have handy tips/tutorials at the start or as you play. Lastly my main point still stands, this game requires too much time.
  13. If you tell me you have 4 level 74 characters with less than 100hours game-play you're straight up lying. Either way this game still requires too much time. I finished Borderlands Co-Op with mates and went out of my way to do MOST of the missions in HALF that time. (49hours). Some of us want to enjoy a game as a game. Not as a tedious task of non-stop grinding. Trendy needs to do what they did with the Android version and sell items/mana for real $.
  14. I already spent 1887 hours playing this game, it's not "beyond hard", it is "not doable", period! Some of us have a life. I've spent 127 hours on this game. And the reason I haven't played since November last year (until today) was because this game takes up too much time. As of today I finally have all level 70 characters. Some of us also want to be able to play other games as well and not have our lives revolve around just one game. Btw 1887 hours is equal to 78.625 days without sleeping. Let's say you do sleep 8 hours a day, that's 629 hours. We Add that to 1887 for a total of 2516 and divide it by 24 again and that brings us instead to; 104.83 days of playing this game. Let us assume there is approximately 30 days per month and divide by 30 for 3.49 (3 and a half months). So in other-words you've been playing this game every single goddamn day since it was released last year on the 19th of October... LOL! Get a job.
  15. @ChaChaCha Can you show me trendy's official announcement on this please? Because I can't find anywhere on this site where Trendy themselves have said this. I want to buy some items from a Paypal vendor but I want to be certain I won't get banned. *edit*: Scratch that: Just saw Rag's post under yours. Trendy needs to do what they did with Android. Make it so you can buy items for real currency. *final edit*: So is it just selling that gets you banned? What about buying?
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