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  1. not entirely true. I will still be using my stuff untill TODAY. Besides how about an item like the chicken that can only be obtained once? Good luck if you stuck with a 12up chicken, while the rest gets one over 45ups and buffed damage. Really? * All: Retroactive Chicken Upgrade -- Chickens now have a minimum of 45 Upgrade Levels and a Minimum Damage
  2. wat lol the only thing that is coming today is the new way drops are generated, that doesn't mean that you'll get better weapons, that just means that on rare occasions (depending on what the chances are) you might. Thanks for proving my point.
  3. It doesn't matter either way, when the new stuff comes out TODAY then no one will be using them anyway. We will get new more powerful weapons. I dont know why im saying this because everyone will whine and not understand anyway.
  4. Boy, I'm glad I already have a weapon with 9000+ elemental damage on it. Kind of dumb to make this change without changing existing weapons. Kinda dumb to not be able to understand why they did it.
  5. One patch with no major bugs, unintended or stealth changes, or massive game-changing tweaks would be awesome. And whining cry babies...
  6. wall'o'text from google translate... double-whammy omgwtfamireading The no life forum police are at it again..
  7. Pretty much the same as high five, right? ummmmmm.. no...
  8. Im looking for a good high five. need max upgrade levels and minimum starting damage of 100 physical and 160 elemental. Post what you got here and how much you want for it. A screen shot of the stats would be nice. Thanks!
  9. Like..... Skin of Your Teeth Survived a wave after the first with <100 core Health Points on at least Medium Difficulty How can i tell how many times i have done that to get the 4 total i need? In some other steam games the achievements show a progress meter for how many you have done. Anyway at all to tell? thanks!
  10. "Guys, I can't play this game anymore. I thought these items were pre-order exclusive even though the store page always said Steam exclusive. I just can't enjoy this game anymore now that everyone has the pets I pre-ordered to get. This game sucks." Im sorry you feel that way. I very much enjoy the game, perhaps you can find peace within yourself and learn to love the game again. If not im sure your mom and dad will buy you a new game for your birthday.
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