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  1. I LOVE THIS NEW UPDATE! Just had to get that out of the way. Now that it is, I just wanted to throw out some ideas: Has anyone thought about a "Squads" or "Teams" system for the Hero Deck? This would be probably quell all the anger about the Hero Carousel. Let us initially set 3 "Squads" of heroes and add a tab on top of the hero deck, let us name them how we will or give them symbols like with bags in the inventory. You could also offer extra tabs for gems. The purpose of these is that we can have presets for the 4 heroes in our deck. What this would do is let us quickly switch between
  2. I've been doing a lot of testing and studying of mobs in the new Chaos difficulties (only up to C3 at the moment) and just wanted to share a couple tips with other players. TL;DR - Git gud 1) Towers have reduced Aggro levels - near to the Flamethrower tower. This does not mean that towers will not draw any aggro, but it is a very small amount. You can place towers almost in the middle of the lane and mobs will generally walk past it. The issue here comes when mobs clump up near your walls and you've placed your towers near your walls, they can't get to the wall and turn to the closest
  3. If you need more time against a roller, use frostbite towers or proton beams. They're affected by the slow and will buy the time you need.
  4. I just wanted to throw this out there - rollers are not immune to CC. North Pole and frostbite towers work. I tested this myself and the slows work. Cannonball tower stun I'm fairly certain works if it hits the roller weak spot.
  5. Your dps app is insane xD. I love the speed. However I see that you never used him to take out siege rollers. Is his dps just not strong enough to take them about because I would love to use one. Thanks! I chose not to use him because I was feeling like using my GW. :) My mana bomb does about 600k, crits for a little over 1mil, and the halberds work wonders, kinda tricky to place against a roller though. It's not as easy of a takedown, but certainly doable and quite fun imo.
  6. Here's a build I enjoy using! Flamethrowers and no PDT's! I'm using an AP/HD Apprentice (my halberd's passive summons 6 halberds that do 588% AP) and AP/HD Gunwitch (No glitches). No audio, sorry about that. Last wave was a bit shaky but it worked out. :)
  7. Siege Tanks can indeed be slowed by Frostbite Towers. The slow is really nice if you have the extra slow % passive on your weapon and relic too. :3
  8. Any hope of a player housing type of thing? I'd like a place to show off my loots and a place to customize myself. Perhaps have upgrades available that we can spend gold on? Extra storage in the house maybe? I had really enjoyed things like the Player specific tavern from DD1 and would love to see some sort of thing like that.
  9. Apprentice + Ghostly Halberd + Storm Boots + Movement Speed Spheres = too much fun Super sprint speed into a lane, mana bomb, run away! :P Run Unholy Catacombs Incursion and be the cleanser. Add in an extra movement speed buff for some truly insane speed. :P
  10. Hero Damage/Hero Crit Damage w/ Glaive of Storms monk weapon or North Pole and Hero Crit Chance passives. Make sure you also have the Heroic Wave passive on your weapon, I think it comes on the relic too but not 100% sure on that. Monk abilities scale with Hero Damage rather than with Ability Power.
  11. I don't really use my Abyss Lord much anymore. I use Archers for a couple builds that I have but he's by far my least used. I don't have an EV2, LM, or Mystic atm. Other than that, I am always switching up my build style and using different setups and use just about every tower. Flamethrowers don't get enough respect if you ask me. I use them probably the most out of any tower. They are weird to position and use, but once you get the hang of it, they're absolutely awesome, especially with frostbite towers with frosty power and the freezing sphere. Ogres and the such need some DPS'ing or just r
  12. If you really wanted to use no more than 4 heroes, I'd recommend: Waller Squire - Stack as much defense health as you can and try to get automation on as many pieces of gear as you can. Squire totem has Hearty Blockade passive which adds a % of your defense health to your squire's wall defense health, maxes out at 40%. The Vengence (L) sphere does some serious work with the blockades. Spike blockades also draw aggro. Fire & Ice Tower Apprentice - Use Chilling Touch Staff w/ Defense Power and the passive that increases the slow from Frostbite towers (make sure to have this passive on your r
  13. It's really weird for that filter. Set the auto-collect to "Non Gear" and it will pick them up along with lockboxes. Just sell the lockboxes and open the pet boxes and you're good to go! Thats how i already have it.. so i'm forced to pick those up? You said you have it set to auto collect Pet Food, not Non Gear. The two are different filters.
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