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  1. The Party system is quite broken. I clicked on Play from the main menu and it asked if I wanted to join party members, so I clicked Leave Party, thinking it would leave the current party session not the actual Party (clan/group) we've created. Another interesting thing I've noticed, is when you do click Play, it asks if you want to join the Party, it's asks if you want to invite yourself to the party.
  2. The group play does need to be looked at, it took us about 1/2 hour to sort it out. Then another 20 mins to work out how to select a map, as everytime we were in a tavern, we'd go to the 'Plan a Mission' then select private game, select level and then end up in separate taverns with no way to re-invite everyone back. This was solved by everyone apart from one going back to the title screen.
  3. When items are on the map floor they give you a description of what stats are changed, but once they're in your inventory the extra stats disappear. Another issue related to the Inventory screen, equipped items no longer show what stats they actually increase, so you have now idea how an equipped item compares to one in your bag. Another bug I've come across, is I take an equipped item from my equipment section, place it in my bag to check on the stats, when I then re-equip it I can't then un-equip it. I drag it back to my bag but it doesn't move, same goes for the rest of my equipped items, it happens on one then affects them all. Last one for the inventory - several items say Glove Slot, Boot Slot etc, but I have no idea what slots these are, as the equipped section on the bottom doesn't specify which slot they are. So unlike DD1 / DDE where you have the graphic of your char and where each item goes this time you don't.
  4. I purchased some items from the shop that were for a lv4 Squire, and when I got in game they were initially there, until I then hit lv4 and the items had been removed from my bags. So I spent about 250gold in the shops in the tavern and then lost them when playing.
  5. So Fullscreen mode you don't see the loading % but in windowed you do, would be helpful if could see this in full screen as well
  6. I've had this twice now, first time it happened when I auto-levelled, second was just random. It wasn't so much as unequipped my items as removed and deleted them all, which then makes the Nimbus levels very difficult.
  7. I joined a game tonight where after everyone had readied up it then didn't spawn the goblins. This was the only game I joined mid-way through the map, the rest I joined from the start so I don't know if this is related to joining a map half-way through or not.
  8. That is a very interesting bug, thanks for posting it. Did it go away eventually? what was the last thing you did before quitting the game? I would like to be able to reproduce it if I can. Sorry for the late response. I quit the game from the main menu, but I kept getting a music sample looping in the background. I checked all the running processes and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary, I even tried running the game again to see if it would then rectify itself. In the end I had to reboot and that seemed to fix it. If it happens on the next play-test I'll pay attention to the steps that I take when I quit the game and what/if anything else I have running in the background.
  9. I've quit the game but I still seem to have the music playing. I also don't seem to be able to find a process running in Task Manager so I can't quit it.
  10. Can this Score be removed from the Ranked games, as this player has obviously been cheating to get it http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970592240/screenshot/632981209406325920?tab=public There is no way that you can get a score of 2 billion on a ranked game on the first level.
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