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  1. I don't know if there is a thread on this already or not if so sorry. I would love the original game with all the PC content that the old consoles never got to experience. Not sure how hard the port would be, but would gladly purchase again to have a chance to revisit DD1 on current consoles. Hopefully there are others out there like me. Please trendy
  2. lol i try to give trendy the benefit of the doubt but this is ridiculous. off to play nex machina
  3. one time it started to load but kicked me back to the main screen
  4. Anyone else having trouble logging in on ps4? I have tried public and private tavern and it keeps timing out.
  5. I agree with original post. I haven't played in a very long time and came to the forums to see if it was worth playing again. I love DD1 ( as most did) but the strategy of the game seems gone; and to much depends on random drops. I played diablo 3 more than you can imagine and it only last so long before it get repetitive and boring. I don't understand why they went in this direction when DD1 was so successful. They need to get rid of the SAS cap and go back to what made this game great.
  6. I hope they do open it up more. Really i wish they would get rid of it all together. It is a big reason why i stopped playing.
  7. thanks i may just end up getting both. I have all the other heroes so might as well. I will have to grind to get 12000 more coins
  8. I haven't got either but was just wondering if I was to get one which one is better.
  9. daily bonus xp not working on defense is this how its suppose to be or is it bugged?
  10. TBH it is exactly like Diablo 3. Only the gameplay is not as engaging or fun. D3 might be the same old repetitive gameplay farming for new set items that constantly get added or some new legendary item, but those items are called "gameplay defining" as they completely alter the way you play that character. This game does not have that really. Squires sword is kind of game play defining in that it changes how you use the character and how you do your damage, by blocking, making it possible to do damage and be tanky, something normal dps characters can't do. In the end though you are always farm
  11. Thanks for all the info. I guess i am worried that with the stat cap you lose some of the RPG feel of the game and now your just hunting for gear like Diablo 3.
  12. I can't do NM4 i need to grind for better gear, but have a pretty balanced squire and huntress and can handle NM1 and some 2's pretty easy. I had an all out dps huntress and just today changed all the stats to make her balanced and the drop in dps was MINIMAL. Maybe at NM4 it might matter but at i haven't noticed any difference at the lower difficulties.
  13. Is there a need for multiple of the same characters anymore? It seems like the stats do such minimal improvements that everyone's huntress/squire/ect... will all be built pretty much the same.
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