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  1. I stopped playing for a while because I didn't want to deal with full wipes happening. Are they no longer wiping accounts? I can deal with slight rollbacks and tweaks making you lose a week or two worth of work but I don't want to lose a whole character or account again due to a large scale server wipe.
  2. Ah here I found this some time ago about what happend for pc i assume the same will apply to us https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/121132/wipeaggedon-get-your-survivor-costumes-pet
  3. your tokens will wipe to my understanding and the more you have earned you should receive a gems bonus if i read some of the notes correctly i wish i could give you a link but it has been a while since i read it i will look for a link and return if i find it
  4. if you are playing out of a private tavern you will have to reload the tavern for it to advance your campaign
  5. I like the current layout but it would be nice to have repair and upgrade on the dpad
  6. Out of curiosity will we be getting holiday based events?
  7. well i just got in heres hopin it stays up
  8. how am i supposed to defend these dungeons if the servers are down
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